7 Days without prayer is a weak, amirite?

...I would have agreed if you said it right.

I probably shouldn't tell my neighbors that I heard them having sex, amirite?

You to neighbor couple: "So, I heard you two getting it on last night"
Wife: "What? I wasn't home last night"
Husband: "__"
And that's how you become a home wrecker

You hate how your iPhone rotates because sometimes you want to be on your side but you don't want the screen to be vertical, amirite?

Oh my word. Thank you so much.

People Who Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence Should Be Poisened And Stabbed, Amirite?

They deserve "capital" punishment!:D

If Jesus exists on Family Guy and preforms miracles, why is Brian still an Atheist? amirite?

Why does Brian talk, even though he's a dog?

It's really annoying when you spend until 1am completing your homeowork only to find out that the teacher isn't marking it and you could get away with not doing it, amirite?
@Or when no one else finished so she gives the class an extra day. That really gets on my nerves!

That's always annoying. Or the one perosn in the class who never does their homework gets an extra day.

It would be cool if the commercial break was made up of one big commercial that included all the products you normally see in a commercial break. Like a family riding in a Ford Fusion go out to State Farm to get life insurance. One of the kids is playing with a Barbie doll in the car. She starts to choke on one of Barbie's shoes and they have to go to St. Mary's hospital. Then, once the child is revived, they end the day with dinner at Applebee's. Amirite?

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The Earth is thought to be 46 hundred million years old. It may be hard to wrap your brain around that number so lets say the Earth is just 46 years old. That means single-celled organisms arrived around 11 years, simple animals around 40, dinosaurs around 45, and humans...only 2 hours ago. This really puts human existence into perspective, amirite?

And we already screwed the earth up.



This is probably going to be very controversial, but if sexualities such as gay and bi are supported, then sexualities such as pedophilia and necrophilia should be supported too, right? I'm not saying I WANT or SUPPORT pedophilia or necrophilia, and I have absolutely nothing against homosexuals, but following our own rules, all sexualities should be allowed, amirite?
@midnightcookies Sorry, what was that?