About me.

I'm an eighteen year old of the female persuasion.
I play tennis for my school. We won the division and state champion titles this seasonnn! (Division III lolol)
I'm a "Jesus freak." Wait- don't leave just yet. I'm not interested in any religious debates. All of my friends are atheist. I'm too tired to argue anymore. -_-
I.... don't do much in my free time. Its like, divided between watching Joan of Arcadia, facebooking, and sleeping.
I really don't sleep more than 4 hours on a usual night. So I'd say most of my time is spent on Facebook.
In case you didn't pick up on that. Joan of Arcadia is my favorite show. Well, tied with The Nanny.... and Pretty Little Liars. Andd I love George Lopez. Malcolm in the Middle, and The Office. I don't watch television that often, though.
I love Glenn Beck. So, yes. I am a Republican.
I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, as any normal person should be. ;) It doesn't control my life though...
I get depressed in the summer, so I hate the beach and the heat and the constant sunlight.
I love winter, and rainy days.
Purple is my favorite color, but my room is painted pink because it makes me feel like a little girl.
I really, really do not want to grow up. High school should be permanent.
I would do anything to go to therapy. I have so many issues that I cant talk about with family and friends, I just need a stranger to let it all out to. My parents wouldn't understand if I told them, though. So for now, I just bottle it up.
I would do anything to live in the 1950s. Everything about that time period was perfect.

I can't think of anything else about myself worth mentioning.