Your Sims never get 3 meals a day, amirite?

Testingcheatsenabled true is the best meal ever

The best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google's search results, amirite?

You could always hide it on MLIA

The no-tear shampoo doesn't work when watching Toy Story 3. amirite?
The no-tear shampoo doesn't work when watching Toy Story 3. amirite?

no matter what the bottle says, that stuff still kills like no other when it gets in my eye

it's better to have pudding without a spoon, than to have a spoon without pudding, amirite?

That was beautiful.

It's annoying when pro-life people try to make pro-choice people feel bad by saying "you're lucky your parents were pro-life". Your parents decided to have you because that was their choice. People forget that choice is a two way street which can also lead women to choosing to keep the baby, amirite?

"all babies want to get borned"

anyone, anyone??

You never knew that Sims stood for simulation, but now it makes a lot of sense, amirite?

no haha I literally just found out today

It would suck to have the initials "STD", amirite?

My friend has the initials SMD. Lol

Greys anatomy reference?

You know who they are, amirite?

what about the gazillion ashleys??!

If you think about it, it's weird how boobs are considered a "private part". They're just used to feed babies...there's nothing that should be private about that, amirite?

Lol. A guy definately wrote this post

If Kanye can steal the mic then Taylor is not actually swift, amirite?

my drunk kitchen???

The point of making a post is to get your point across or share an opinion, not to try and get POTD or get the most votes, amirite?

no, not my scheme at all haha, i promise. but im sick of people who post something with only the intentions of getting it potd'd, and i just wanted to make a post about it, thats all,,

Computers and iPods always seem to lose wifi at the most inopportune times, amirite?

$hea was here

You've seen at least one Pixar movie that you absolutely love, amirite?

I love monsters Inc :)