I don't understand why people are so amazed when I say that my grandfather survived Auschwitz. I mean, most German officers did, amirite?
It would be funny if a devout catholic went to heaven, only to realize that God is really a Black Lesbian woman, amirite?
@peppers2 No, It just seems like a lot of people picture God as a guy with the voice of Morgan Freeman, and most of the time...

Most people I picture with the voice of Morgan Freeman are black. In fact, most people I picture with the voice of Morgan Freeman are Morgan Freeman.

Apparently intelligent and sexy people are always drawn towards green writing, amirite?
@this is defiantly a home page

(for sure): I see nothing defiant about this post.

Rape jokes are not, were not, and will never be funny. amirite?

A woman jumped into my car
crying and distraught
"Please help me, I've just been
"How unlucky," I said. "Raped
twice in the same night."
"Twice?" she said.
...as I locked all the doors.

My name is Paige Jones and my boyfriend's name is Steven Paige..we probably shouldn't get married, amirite?

Then you can name your kid "Paige Paige", and her kid can be "Paige Paige Paige", and you can continue adding one "Paige" each time.

Cereal brands are sexist, there are no female mascots. amirite?

The Beatles are sexist. There are no female Beatles. The Chinese are racist. There are no black Chinese people. Heterosexuality is sexist. It only allows you to have sex with the opposite gender.

Girls: You are glad men are the ones who propose. amirite?

Guys: You're glad you have as long as you'd like to think about getting married, while women are pressured to decide as soon as you ask, amirite?

Girls: boys are adorable when they're sleeping, amirite?
I like turtles because they're so chill. They don't hurt anyone. They're just like, "Hey man, I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce. But I'm gonna take my time getting there, I'm not in a rush. Because I'm a turtle." amirite?

Turtles have been my favorite animals for a long time, but until now, I could never put into words why. Thank you.

@stepdom i guess they don't want to make 10 year olds gay

What is your reasoning behind this? Two of my Pokemon of the same sex fell in love. I like penis, now.

Asking if the glass is half empty or half full, is like asking if zero is an odd number or an even number, amirite?
@Rainbow35 Zero is even. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parity_of_zero

You... you don't need a link. It's pretty obvious. That's like me saying "the sky is blue"

Its weird to think that we could not use websites for their intended purposes. I mean, if we all band together, we could easily just use this website for sharing pie recipes, amirite?
Why did the chicken cross the möbius strip? To get to the same side, amirite?
It's very funny how lots of the canadians on here seem to have 'canadian' in their names or they make sure to tell you pretty straight off they are from Canada, amirite?
@Thomas damn canadians and their huge egos. you know your country isnt that great either.

Our country is incredible. Most countries are made out of land, but Canada is composed of 50% concentrated awesome, 45% snow, and 5 % maple syrup.