I agree 100%
God will always be there whenever we're ready to come running back to Him. It's incredible. (:

When you go to a friends house and just when you get there you miss home and want to go back, amirite?
Its kind of sad that famous people can spell bananas but not tasty. amirite?

Haha who was that?

There seriously needs to be a type of gum where the flavor never runs out, amirite?
13 year olds are annoying, amirite?

Everyone is annoying to someone. =)

girls; a period would be much easier, if all those 4-7 days were compacted into one hour, that you just spend on the toilet. amirite?

Grrr.. 4th day!!

Sex is amazing, amirite?
@To those that are waiting till marriage....yes sex is great but some people just aren't good at it or aren't...

Nope, I'm gonna marry for personality, not for sex. I will love him even if he's not good in bed because I loved him before we even tried =]

You really want to make a group on Facebook but you're scared no one will join and you'll look really lame, amirite?
Saying all homeschoolers are socially awkward is like say all black people are gangster thugs who do drugs, sure some are, but don't go around say all of them are, amirite?
@i honestly don't get what you're trying to get at. I've been homeschooled, doesnt that make me a homeschooler? You...

Yepp, what Phil_The_Minion said. Home schooled kids are pretty normal. Not many people can tell that they're even home schooled (except that most of them have better manners!. And please don't tell me that I don't make sense just because you don't understand something. Thanks :)

Kissing someone underwater is ridiculous, you'll end up either having lack of oxygen in like 5 seconds or getting water up your nose and being forced to surface, which will then lead you to spurting water out your nose. Sexy, amirite?

Mannn I've always wanted to kiss someone underwater :/
Dreams= Crushed.

seriously, its not like ALL teenage girls starve themselves. we just get self-conscious about eating in FRONT of people, so we hide stashes and totally inhale 3 times our weight daily, amirite?
@LOL, but not the case for me. I eat like a pig in front of anyone if I'm hungry, it's not like hunger is uncommon.

Same here _ I tell people to deal with it cause I'm not fat so it doesn't really matter haha

the best Hannah Montana episode was when Miley/hannah lost her voice, gave us hope for a second there, amirite?

You. my friend. Are my hero!

You've stalked the relatives of the person you like on Facebook before, in hopes of finding more pictures of them, amirite?

I LOVE this post. It's extremely true. Definitely thought I was the only one♥

Twenty minutes is NOT long for a shower, sorry, but I like to be squeaky clean when I come our, amirite?

20 is average.

You can't help but laugh when your ketchup bottle makes that farting noise, amirite?

Haha! I was totally about to post the same thing! Good job, you beat me _^