Ohio State fans: it sucks that Tressel resigned. amirite?

Everyone else in the world: it sucks we don't get your post

Some words just can't be translated correctly, amirite?
@QueenofModesty like schadenfreude. the german word for taking pleasure in other people's pain.

Or like an attaccabottoni.
A boring Italian who talks too much about themselves.

The word 'supper' is just so annoying. It makes me think of an old lady saying "Ya betta clean them applesshh real good, cuz we is having PIE for suppa!" Amirite?

You sound like a character in a Dickens novel

"I'm sorry" and "I apologize" mean two different things, amirite?
"I'm sorry" and "I apologize" mean two different things, amirite?

Only at a funeral...

There needs to be a video game where you treat all the people that got shot in the other violent games. It'd be called 'Super Busy Hospital', amirite?

stole from Demetri Martin but still hilarious

If your boyfriend can bring you ibuprofen for your period cramps, you know he's a keeper, amirite?

Or a creeper!
Does he keep some sort of chart knowing when your time of the month is?

Unfortunately, names like Norman, Eugene, Carlton, Sheldon, Winston, Dwight, Dexter, Leonard, Larry, Milton, Melvin, and Calvin will always be the nerd's name in television or movies, amirite?

Sheldon Cooper "Big Bang Theory"
Sheldon "My Life as a Teenage Robot"
Dwight Schrute "The Office"
Dexter "Dexters Labortory"
Larry Tudgmen "Lizzie McGuire"
Cousin Larry "Kim Possible"
Larry the Cucumber "Veggie Tales"