Arizona says life starts two weeks before conception. That is incredibly stupid, amirite?
You love that time of night when everybody's gone to bed and you feel like the last person on Earth, amirite?

Many of my friends think I'm crazy over the summer because (if I'm not terribly buisy, like I was last summer) I'll just stay up past four and sleep in past two. They say they don't like to stay in because they feel like they're wasting their day.
But those several hours where I feel so clam and isolated are magical.

It's frightening to consider the actuality that our history is false. As displayed in the novel 1984, our history textbooks and teachers could all have been duped into believing the wrong facts. The past is too fragile, and it contains so many variations of beliefs and stories that we, as humans, should just accept that there is not one answer for everything, amirite?

I live in America, and about a month ago a British guy moved here and goes to my school.
My friend has history with him, and she says she's often amused by arguments he has with the teacher.
Appearently when they were going over the American revolution they had a discussion that involved him saying "Well they were colonies! They were supposed to listen to us!"

If the thing you're most talented at is really pointless you feel sort of cheated, talent wise, amirite?

It's weird, today (which is shortly after I posted this) my English teacher was telling us all about how we've all got something that we're really great at that others can't understand how we even begin to get that good. She was referring to this guy who's good with tech stuff.
I was just sitting there like "I can hula-hoop and skip-it at the same time"

And it's a big "OOOOhhh" for agnostics.

It´d suck to be a Werewolf... all allergic to silver. What if you came 2nd in the Olympics, amirite?
When people ask an atheist what they would do if they found out God really existed when they died, and thus be thrown into hell, it's a stupid question. If I live my life as a good person by my own moral compass, I am more deserving of heaven than someone who obeyed just through through a fear of hell, amirite?
@TheCatalyst why do so many atheists believe that if god exists they should go to heaven anyway because they are "good people"?...

I think that's a big part of why people don't like religion...
So I can give money to charity, do hundereds of volunteer hours, make my friends feel better when they're having bad days, and pretty much be the best person in the world but because I can't force myself to beleive in a God I'm thrown into Hell.
I was agnostic neutralist for a while, and I started inching more and more towards atheism, and I tried to fight it because it's hard to let go of something so... big.
But I just can't. Do I really need to burn in Hell for eternity for that?

Little kids ask questions like they've been smoking weed. amirite?

I worked at a camp with first and second graders over the summer
Some of the things they said were really amazing. My favorite was when we were walking past this wall that has a big painting of scientists playing with children. A kid pointed to some random girl under the table, and said "Who's that?"
I was explaining to them how it could be anyone, blah blah blah, and this little girl goes "That's Jesus's wife!"

Guys shouldn't feel obligated to like fat girls. Beauty may come in all shapes and sizes, but being fat is your own fault and you shouldn't make other people conform to you because you have an inferiority complex. I like what I like, stop telling me otherwise, fat girls, amirite?

I'm really torn about this one.
No, people shouldn't be expected to be attracted to everyone. I do however diagree with "Being fat is your fault"
Sometimes, it is. Sometimes they were born with a slower metabolism. I eat more than friends who weigh more than I do, I just don't gain weight easily.
Saying that gets us into the dangerous eating disorder territory.
I also disagree with the "you shouldn't expect society to conform" part.
I think the movement is to stop girls from being called ugly because they're fat.

That being said, I do sometimes feel a little offended when someone says they feel skinny girls look "Creepy" or "Unhealthy"
I've never had to deal with feeling fat, but I have had to deal with people calling me annorexic.
Like I said, I just don't put on weight easily.

Why can't people just accept that not everyone is made the same and not everyone is attracted to the same thing?

We should be allowed to wear hats in school, amirite?

According to my school, they're distracting and you can hide things under them, such as weapons and drugs. Because we all stare at people's hats and stash stuff on our heads when we carry around gigantic heavy sacs.

After dealing with freezing temperatures and inches of snow for three, maybe four months, when the day comes where it hits 50, maybe 60, degrees, it's wonderful, amirite?

I always feel so left out of these posts.
I'm from Florida, so it's more like "HOLY FUCK IT'S UNDER 70!"

You often think people who just sit and stare at one spot are watching you, like in the movies and stuff, when in reality they are probably just alone and thinking really hard about life and shit, amirite?

I'm one of the people who sits alone and stares all the time.
Sometimes I notice that I'm looking near a person, so I try and shift my gaze, but some spots just feel better to stare at.

That annoys me so much!
I'm an atheist myself, and I feel like when people use the upside-down cross they look so ignorant. There's a nice little A that you can use to symbolize atheism.
Plus I'm against this idea that we all hate religion. I just don't believe in God, that's all.

Disney should make a hairless princess; So that little girls with cancer can feel beautiful, amirite?

Ok, so now we need a bald princess, a fat princess, a lesbian princess, a hispanic princess, a princess who doesn't find true love at the end, and a princess for EVERY OTHER MINORITY IN THE WORLD.
Honestly, I think if you need a cartoon for validation you have more issues than not having representation in the Disney Princess line-up.

Little girls who lose their hair need love an support from their friends and family. Not movies.

You always have that small amount of hope that your teacher will tell you the test is open note, amirite?

Or just sit in the period before praying that it's canceled for some strange reason.