It's sad to think that someday in the future your current best friend could be a complete stranger to you. amirite?

What I mean is, if you lose contact with someone for a long period of time (like 5+ years) and you see them on the streets some day, you will consider them a stranger.

Americans: As soon as a post says "mum" or "arse", you re-read it in a British accent. amirite?
@Ahh so you're one of those annoying americans who try desperately hard to be british all the time. Do you also have...

I don't try desperately to be British, I have just had many British influences and something have just rubbed off on me.

I've had the sound of your laughter in my mouth all day. amirite?
You have NO clue who Gerard Way is, amirite?

I would most likely be murdered in my sleep if I didn't know who he is. My friend used to be obsessed with MCR and would fan girl about him.

Nerds: You're somewhat annoyed that being nerdy has become fashionable as of late, amirite?

There are no specific qualifications to be a nerd... If you love Harry Potter, Doctor Who, learning, and reading then I think that would be enough to be considered a nerd.

You wonder if, in Harry Potter, a guy took polyjuice potion, and got pregnant before it wore off, would he still be pregnant when he changed back? amirite?

Well, men don't get pregnant...

Making fun of someone because of how much money their family has is just cruel, amirite?

cough Draco cough

To all those girls who die trying to get a size 0 figure: real men go after curves. Only dogs go after bones, amirite?
I am English, not British. QUIT CALLING ME BRITISH! amirite?

Well, you are both. I don't go and complain when I am called an American when I am actually a United States of America citizen. America technically is both North and South America. There is no country named America. I would much rather you called me a United States of America-ian, okay, thanks.

pi is a large number, amirite?

it's sad that people actually agreed...

2-D glasses would be one of the coolest things ever. It'd be amazing to walk through a forest or city seeing everything in only two dimensions. Imagine how awesome it would be when you take them off and see a new world again, amirite?
Amirite Status Day is going to be awesome. amirite?

When is it?

Harry Potter could have made his life a lot easier if he would have been willing to use Avada Kedavra, amirite?

He wouldn't have been able to kill Voldemort due to the fact that he had seven horcruxes.

Only in Ohio will someone wear flip-flops when it goes above freezing, just because they can. amirite?

People do that in Michigan too. Except they take it one step further and start wearing short shorts and tank tops in 40 degree weather.

They should make the 3D glasses for Deathly Hallows look like Harry Potter's glasses, amirite?

They did have harry's glasses as the 3D glasses! they told us to recycle them, but I kept them and are sitting on my bookshelf with other harry potter merchandise.