Getting shot is most likely a once in a lifetime experience, amirite?

Depends on neighborhood and profession.

In the Harry Potter universe there are probably hundreds of different spells designed for sex, amirite?

Wingardium Dickiosa

You never (or very rarely) see people of color in anime, amirite?

Asian people are people of color

We tell kids to follow their dreams and then criticize them for getting "useless" degrees. amirite?
Assuming we are a simulation, the creator of the simulation is the "Real" us and that person just planned a simulation to see which path he trods on with the choices. And when something goes wrong, he reverses to the divison point to start with a different choice. That what causes dèjà vu. amirite?

Maybe deja vu is when you encounter a situation that killed you in another timeline, then your consciousness from that timeline floats away and merges with the others.

Cavemen probably had some weird belly buttons as they didn't sever the umbilical cord as cleanly at birth. amirite?

Adam and Eve didn't have any. My time travels confirmed it was a fig and not an apple, which is why they covered up with fig leaves right away in the middle of the Garden of Eden. Dumb bitch ruined everything!

Being naked was normal in the old days, amirite?

This is the same argument use I used at H&M! Apparently undressing yourself to try on clothes in the middle of the store is frowned upon

I don't know which part of this is more incorrect

A boner is a male-period, amirite?
A microwave that advertised "one full rotation every 30 seconds" would have huge market appeal, amirite?

Then some marketeer would get the idea to promote that more rpm = better, and before you know it, we've got the Turbospin 9000 for sale, essentially a cross between a microwave and a centrifuge...

I don't know how many people can smell through wrappers

A Red apple actually exists as Cyan. amirite?
@hamsterhead Then technically, the "cyan" color is called "red" and the other colors are called based upon what they are not...

I like that! lol. I have always wondered if my red is the same as your red as its all in how our brain interprets the signal. The same wavelength is interpreted by each, but whose to say its interpreted the same way.

Anyway, maybe the US should start calling colors based upon absorption instead of reflection, since it already dismisses metric. :P

A Red apple actually exists as Cyan. amirite?
Some colleges have mandatory minimum attendance rule because they themselves know their professors are not good enough to get students to attend the classes, amirite?

Eh. It's more about finding. Class census date and attendance is how they get state funding. Attrition is more important that enrollment on the first day.

the less you know the more you are happy, amirite?

The more you know the more sad life is