If you know the story told on Yom Kippur, it doesn't make any sense. Abraham nearly killed his own son, which proved he was a terrible father, so God went and rewarded him with more kids. GREAT THINKING, GOD. amirite?

I'm not really religious, but ik the reason Abraham was going to kill his son was to show his loyalty to God. God knw tht Abraham was loyal to him so he saved Abraham's son. This loyalty lead God to help Abraham and Sarah have more children, in which they could not previously do.

The top of a muffin is usually better than the bottom, amirite?

'cept on the human body :D

Republicans are freedom fighters, just as crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, amirite?

I think we all just need to stop talking about political parties and work TOGETHER to fight for freedom and rights. If we all keep disagreeing with eachother, we will never get anywhere.

It doesn't make sense how xoxo stands for hugs and kisses, amirite?

"o" is the shape your arms make when they hug. "X" is similar to scrunched up lips, amirite?

You have used leaves as tissues before, amirite?

lolll or they have never been camping

Your handwriting is neater when you use a sharp pencil. amirite?

For me, it is completely the opposite though my handwriting is never really neat.

You would rather get a nice laptop than an iPad. amirite?

Thats not true....If you want a really good lap top, you are going to have to cough up a lot more than if you wanted a lower or a medium memory i-pad. But then again, if you get 3g, it is WAYYY over-priced.

The nyan cat tune is pretty catchy. amirite?
Sometimes, all you need is a jar of peanut butter and a spoon, amirite?


The nyan cat tune is pretty catchy. amirite?

More annoying than catchy lol :D

Glow in the dark chalk would be pretty sweet, amirite?
Americans: You're glad 4th of July is in the summer. You feel sorry for people in Australia because they have stand outside in the winter to watch the fireworks, amirite?

uhh....4th of July is a regular day in Australia....no fireworks....

You can think of one person at your school who would probably be the school shooter if your school ever got shot up, amirite?

Yea, he left school in the middle of last year though....

Somtimes things just sound better in a foreign language, Ai-je raison? amirite?

oui :D

Apple juice is one of those drinks that smells nasty yet tastes delicious, amirite?

Apple Juice is one sketchy substance....