Book characters shouldn't have overly complicated names. No one wants to read names like 'Ashaleigh' or 'Schuyler' over and over again, Amirite?

When I was smaller, i would just look at a few letters and make up a random name with them. It was really awkward when I was in book club/talkin to the teacher and I used this made-up name lol.

Most embarrassing thing that can happen to you is trying to take a secret pic of someone with your iPhone and forgetting to put your phone on silence, amirite?

Or forgetting to turn the flash off :/

Republicans are freedom fighters, just as crime fighters fight crime and fire fighters fight fire, amirite?

I think we all just need to stop talking about political parties and work TOGETHER to fight for freedom and rights. If we all keep disagreeing with eachother, we will never get anywhere.

This is what Billy Mays' tombstone should say, amirite?

Where's his second tombstone?? I thought it was buy one, get one free?

Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>

In the United States Constitution, it states that all citizens have the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. Homosexuality is natural within the human race. To deny homosexuals their right to get married and live a peaceful, happy life, would be to deny them their human rights. Just because there are more heterosexual people, does not mean that they should have more rights. People should have the right to choose whom they marry, no matter what gender.

It's annoying when people complain about being so close to having the grade they want, like "Man, i was only two points off of an A-!". You got EXACTLY the grade you deserve, so stop complaining, Amirite?

I agree...Its most annoying when someone who gets a 96+ goes all out telling you how badly they did.

Maturity is letting someone else have the bigger half of the cookie, amirite?

Dieting is letting someone else have the bigger half of the cookie

I hate it when people say "private joke". It's better to say "inside joke" because that just sounds like "you had to be there". But private joke sounds like THIS JOKE ISN'T FOR YOU FUCK OFF, amirite?

No matter what, it is always going to be awkward when someone brings up a joke or a saying that does not apply to you.

Colorado looks a little too much like Wyoming, amirite?
The choice is yours: rock, paper, or scissors, amirite?
@SpearmintMilk I pick the cloud!

Lol its so much harder to draw than it looks took me 20 minutes to draw the scissors ahaha

Chris Brown could have hit Taylor Swift and still maintained his popularity (although he would never have been dating Taylor Swift in the first place, because it wouldn't fit his image).

Just replace "Taylor Swift" with Justin "Bieber" then it'll all be good

Store now just skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, amirite?

I tried to fix it but in the middle of fixing it my internet went town..i just got it back ugh!

"Terrorism has no religion or race", amirite?

Though terrorism itself has no race, it is usually caused by racial disputes.

Sometimes, all you need is a jar of peanut butter and a spoon, amirite?


The nyan cat tune is pretty catchy. amirite?

More annoying than catchy lol :D