Whenever you mow your lawn, you're just giving it a haircut, amirite?

Does that also make astroturf a wig?

Every tree is technically a treehouse. amirite?

Every tree is technically a uprooted tree with leaves

It's very strange why we specifically have an abundance of ass hair. amirite?

Virus/bacteria die after causing gastrointestinal distress leading to fecal-oral transmission that inoculates the next cohort/generation the same way nose hairs do/can.

Potatoes are vegetables therefore french fries are healthy, amirite?
If everything in the universe is reused and recycled, our consciousness must be to. amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon Lion king, circle of life 🦁

I'd say it's because of the limited number of atoms, but that's equally valid.

If a desert touches a body of water (a lake, river, pond, etc), it's not a desert, it's a really big beach, amirite?

That makes Antarctica the largest beach

If you masturbate then you pleasure yourself. If you pleasure yourself you are pleasuring the same sex. Thus if you masturbate then you are gay. amirite?

But my socks were on...

Hair would 1000x creepier if it was the same color as your skin, amirite?

Humans actually have about as many hair follicles as chimps or gorillas, our hair is thinner and often times much shorter. If you look really closely to anyone you think is hairless on their body you will actually see very small hairs, women particularly love it when you mention that they have hairs on the small of their back.

Malcolm doesn't end up being in the middle. amirite?

I think it's malcolm the genius stuck in the middle with idiots

If human beings were nocturnal, stereotypical monsters would look very different. amirite?
@Johannheidar90 Monsters would be tan and that would freak us out

Eh. Monsters with very light skin. But not so light it burns.

True representation of fear is when you touch your pocket while walking along a street and you don't feel your phone. amirite?

It's like if you're naked or something

First you believe in Santa then you don't then you are Santa and at last you look like Santa, amirite?

Wait, its all Santa

Woman's pants have bad pockets to make them buy purses and bags, amirite?

Is irritating as having no pockets is I honestly think the purpose is to remove the lines and seams that having a sack of fabric underneath the surface creates. The only pants and jackets I see with no pockets/fake pockets are the form fitting ones, so it sort of makes sense for them to utilize this method to make it look more streamlined. Never seen a pair of trackies have fake pockets before...

It would really suck to be a claustrophobic vampire. amirite?

I feel attacked

All men really want is for a woman to peg them. amirite?