Ron should have ended up with Ginny, amirite?

not sure if this is a joke or legit...

Why did they make Rue black? That's worse than when Ron was played by a ginger, amirite?

Ron's played by a ginger cause JK Rowling wrote that Ron, along with all the Weasleys ginger and Rue is black because in the books Suzanne Collins rights "dark sinned" which is a more politically correct term for black.

Men sitting in a room somewhere in Washington have no right to decide what a woman can and cannot do to her body, amirite?
@Caerwyn Because only men can be in that position in the government.

I'm not saying that only men can be in the government but right now, the majority of the people in the White house are men and I don't think it's their place to decide these kinds of things.

Why do they call it a love triangle, when that would mean that someone has to be gay, amirite?

Actually it would make one of them bi

Unlike the British or Australian spelling for colour/favour/neighbour, the Americans don’t include u because it’s all about them, amirite?

canadian too!

Men sitting in a room somewhere in Washington have no right to decide what a woman can and cannot do to her body, amirite?
@TheCatalyst life begins at conception, once the seed is planted it becomes a human. if the seed is not planted it is just a...

the first stage is called the embryonic stage and then it becomes a fetus. whether you or I or anyone believes that it is ethical or not, they still have a right to their decisions. Would it be better for a child to have been aborted than to grow up miserable?

When your teacher is passing out a quiz, you always get annoyed at the kid who says "thank you" to them, yeah, thanks for giving me a test that will surely bring down my grade, amirite?

Or they're just trying to be nice, polite and respectful. Sucking up to teachers is different than a simple thank you.

After rereading the Harry Potter books, you realize in the Order of the Pheonix, when Aunt Petunia says " 'I heard - that awful boy - telling her about them - years ago,'" she isn't talking about James Potter like Harry thinks she is, she's talking about Severus. amirite?
@lucyjoan It's probably not true, but I feel like JKR remembered she'd written that in OotP and decided to make it Snape...

actually she spent 7 years plotting out the entire series before releasing the Philosophers Store so she would've put some hints here and there

By giving us the tool to deny Him (critical thinking) and neglecting to give us the key to accept Him (strong evidence), God forces us to rely on faith rather than the natural tendencies He gave us. Why make salvation more difficult for your creation, amirite?
@boxtop No one's forcing you to word it like that, you're the one trying to make religion sound awful.

With all the wars and atrocities it has caused, it isn't the best. Yes there are good sides, but you must think of the bad as well.

If you knew that your unborn child would have crippling disabilities, you still would not get an abortion, amirite?
@John_MacTavish I've heard the same thing about AIDS. The difference, is that this idea is 3 or 4 times more stupid

What makes a cancer conspiracy theory more stupid than a AIDS conspiracy theory? Both are stupid, but why one more than the other?

Whatever happened to Harry Potter being the godfather of Remus and Tonks' child? amirite?

I'm guessing Tonk's mother was Teddy's godmother and at 17 Harry was too young to take care of a kid so Teddy stayed with Tonk's mother.

Sometimes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with America. Two shootings less than a month and Americans still think their second amendment is a good idea. Amirite?
@Yeah, fuck the second amendment! Fuck the ability for responsible citizens to be able to defend themselves! If one...

@patrickedwards58118 the reason mexico has so many deaths is because the US trades guns, which they can legally buy, or drugs. They supply the dealers wih weaponry that the police force doesn't even have so the army had to be brought in to try and clean up the mess your country made, so don't blame that on the ban on guns.
Canada is an example of a country where guns are banned and there are very few murders. Yes there are shooting and odd cases, like everywhere else, but the murder rate is low.

There should be buildings for people interested in doing drugs. Not an asylum, but a general place to go. Order a drug you'd like to use and then get escorted to a room to do it, where you will be safe and won't hurt yourself, or hurt a friend. It'd let drug users use drugs in a safe environment, and it would probably prevent problems such as gnawing off a random person's face. amirite?

Vancouver has legal, safe injection places already.

You ever think about how ironic Remus Lupin's name is? Let me explain. Lupin + e = lupine (adjective): Of, like, or relating to a wolf or wolves. And in roman mythology the twins Remus and Romulus were demigod sons of Mars (Ares in greek mythology) who were raised by wolves. Did his parents know he was going to be a werewolf someday? amirite?
@partinobodycular I read on a trivia sight that Voldemort comes from the French words for "fly from death," as he spent his whole...

Its actually French for either the flight of death or stealing death. She really thought through the names