Feeling good about your body and having confidence feels better than a piece of cake will ever taste, amirite?
"Being awesome" is a perfectly acceptable response to the question "What are you doing?", amirite?
Party like you were invited.
There are beautiful people in the world, amirite?

As are there ugly people.

No matter how many bathrooms you find in your dream, you never manage to satisfactorily use one, amirite?

When I was little I used to dream I was sitting on the toilet, and wake up having wet the bed.

Sometimes you wonder what life was like in your mother's womb, amirite?

Claustrophobic I'm guessing.

You wish Morgan Freeman was your uncle, amirite?

But then I'd be black :o

The picture looks like the colour is inverted.

If a guy is being raped his best defense is to start pooping. amirite?
Adding posts to groups with no relation to the group is getting old, amirite?

I was expecting this post to be in a group such as 'food'

It should be called "teenage parenthood" rather than "teenage pregnancy" because that's what we should be concerned about, amirite?

I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby like you oooooooh.

Just because you don't regret doing something doesn't mean you'd be willing to do it again, amirite?

No regrets!

Brown is pretty much a shade of orange, so the opposite is blue.

Mosquitos are pointless, amirite?

You could say that about anything.

Obviously because then I'd be black!!