What year of the 90's would you say was the best year for music?

But that wasn't a year from the 90's.

What year of the 90's would you say was the best year for music?

Wtf would come under the other category??

Be a voice, not an echo.
Party like you were invited.
It sucks when someone wakes you up from a great dream and you can't remember it, amirite?

If you couldn't remember it, then how would you know it was great...?

Sometimes you wonder what life was like in your mother's womb, amirite?

Claustrophobic I'm guessing.

You remember when you were a little kid and cursive looked like scribbles and adults were sooo fast at typing, amirite?
"I'm a punk; I must rebel." " I'm Asian; I must like math." "I dye my hair crazy colors; I must be looking for attention." "I'm pizza; I must taste fucking awesome," amirite?

Eww pizza is vile.

If you are having a conversation with me put the phone away. You don't need to check it every 5 minutes. People are not changing their Facebook statuses that often!

I find it awfully rude.

I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all.

I have a brick phone and I'm 18.

Just because you don't regret doing something doesn't mean you'd be willing to do it again, amirite?

No regrets!

True beauty is not what people can see from the outside but what they learn about you when they get to know you better, amirite?

Looks to begin with though.

There is no force in the world more powerful than love, amirite?


The older I become the more vivid my dreams are. I believe dreams are a way of adapting to life and working through problems while you are sleeping. Older people surely have a lot more life experiences and problems than they did when they were younger.

I think dreams prepare us for future problems so when they arise in the real world we know how to deal with them because it has already done it in the dream world.