you know your boyfriend is really in love when he stays awake at night just to talk to you, amirite?

Or maybe he just has insomnia.

Attraction to someone's personality is stronger than physical attraction, amirite?
@fuzala The former can heavily influence the latter someone average looking can start to look exceptional when you get to...

the thing is that if someone finds another ugly
he/she is less likely to attempt to get to know this person

People who keep birthday, get well soon & holiday cards are hoarding. What is the point of holding onto these things? It takes up space, is a fire hazard and it is not like you plan to reuse them.

I actually do reuse them, I just cross out the names.

Are you an astronaut? Cuz I got a boner = best pickup line ever. amirite?

Well, the person inquires as to whether or not the other person is an astronaut and then regardless of the reply informs them of his erect phallus.

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If the Amirite Guy and SpongeBob had a child, it would probably look like this, amirite?

His shirt is much too short. If that was a girl, I'd call her wildly inappropriate.

Whenever you're in a rush to get somewhere and you get stuck walking behind a really slow person, you really loudly scuff your feet to let them know that you're right behind them and need to get by, amirite?

Sometimes I "accidently" step on their heels.

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you wonder what Bill gates was thinking when he put the letters on the keyboard in a random order, amirite?

the guys who invented the key board must have been high.amirite?

The best songs are the ones that leave you thinking for days, amirite?
On Saturday the most commonly used words on the whole internet will be "well", "this", "is" and "awkward", amirite?

All those people I confessed my love to . . . wary smilie

It would be awesome to be able to know what other people are thinking, amirite?

well u probably are ugly

Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?
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Those photo collage pictures on facebook of things that are written down are annoying, amirite?
Eyebrows really make a difference in a person's appearance, amirite?

I find it very unattractive when somebodys eyebrows are so blonde you can't even see them.