An awkward but funny name for a petshop would be: Pussies and Bitches, amirite?
Teenagers always say, "Music if my life." Yeah, well, okay, you go ahead and listen to music your whole life, I'm going to go do something productive... amirite?

People can play music for a living, they are called musicians. Stop being so ignorant.

No scoping looks better than quick scoping, amirite?

Uhhh.. it's sort of stupid when you no scope. It's completely random if you get them or not if you're at fair distance. Quick scoping on the other hand looks awesome if done correctly.

It sucks when you prank someone and look forward to their reaction, but then they never realize you even pranked them, and all the excitement of seeing their reaction goes away, amirite?

It must have been a pretty bad prank then.

Any person that loves the Pokemon games, isn't a true gamer, amirite?
Watching TV is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes you have to move the antenna, sometimes you lose the remote, and sometimes your butt itches really bad, amirite?
Suspending students from school for ditching is really stupid. It's like, "Hey, you didn't want to go to school, so now we're MAKING you not go to school! How about THAT?" amirite?
@TalkingRice lol what teacher would want to do that

One who wants to get paid overtime without having to do much perhaps?

Omegle is a place for winners only, amirite?

I agree, it is a place for winners.

Somehow all the perverts slide in through though, which ruins it.

team rocket, its been 659 episodes, your not getting pikachu, amirite?

They will one of these days, just you wait.