Evolution. How can it be denied?
@Sunny_the_skeptic Evolution is a religion? Please don't speak such ridiculous nonsense, please actually read something instead of...

Well, for starters, all discussion is based on insults instead of science, as you have demonstrated. I decline to swap insults.


We're talking about peeing. Please pay attention.


Is that what you're trying to say?

The trouble with a collapse is it always seems like the only sensible option. It makes perfect sense to a politician to tax everybody more than 100% of their income. It makes perfect sense to send a bazillion soldiers to die in some country nobody heard of before the war started. It makes perfect sense for cops to rob travelers who happen to be carrying something of value. It makes perfect sense for the county sheriff to have a tank. And so on.

My favorite example was in boot camp, when a recruit got into a scuffle with a sergeant. They were on the second floor, so the sergeant grabbed him and jumped out the window. He figured he would win if he could stay on top all the way down. If you had been the sergeant, you would have done the same. Cause it makes perfect sense when being on top is the only thing that matters.

A Teachable Moment? - Hero homeowner holds escaped Georgia inmates at gunpoint until arrests

You better know the law before you do any such thing. It's real easy for the crooks to charge you with unlawful imprisonment.

Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become?

My father. I always resolved never to resemble him in any way.

Do You Sharpen Your Knives?

If your knives have never been sharpened, get them done by a professional. Keep your knives in one of those wood blocks made for the purpose. Every time you take one out or put one back, slide it on the steel a few times. If you put a nick in a blade, then it needs to be sharpened again, and you should have a diamond whet for that. Here is what "sharp" means:

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Have you ever saved someone's life?

I saw my high school principal twenty years after graduation. I decided there was nothing to gain by beating him to death, so I let him live. If it had been the assistant principal, I would not have been that easygoing.

Do you have any family members who you really don’t get along with?

My sister is such a crabapple that I unfriended her on Facebook so I wouldn't have to ignore her nasty posts any more.

@lizardqueen You can squat and pee. Isn't that hard for a lady to pee in the woods. I've done it before.

You can't just squat, you have to take your pants off. And with several hundred men milling around you, it is a major disruption.

Evolution. How can it be denied?

Yeah, ok. So in 2038 spaceships will be a mashup of hotels and submarines and people won't know what the date is any more.

What else ya got?

When an ignorant person tries insulting you, sometimes its good to be nice. You prove you are the bigger person, and you don't give them the satisfaction of being bothered.

I figure I have made a strong point when someone calls me a moron.

Did you ever notice that there are FIVE hit songs prominently featuring the lyrics "papa ooh mow mow"?

There may be some disagreement about what song should be #5 because the lyrics get to be unintelligible.

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