When I drove a limo I noticed that every time I picked up British girls I got called "a cheeky bostid" ... again ... and I never knew if that was good or bad.

Human Beans of Amirite, and formerly of Sodahead, I would like to reacquaintance myself with all of my fellow lovely nutters and thinkers (or both like me) how are you all? Does anyone remember me from sodahead? If not, hello! I am back and looking forward to engaging in some much missed and enjoyed crazy conversations!

Sodahead folded just a couple days after I registered, so I don't remember anything at all about it. But I welcome you here.

1. Russia is the only country between Korea and Norway.
2. Matryoshka dolls
3. Pet bears
4.Russia is the only country that can scare the USA without doing anything specific.
5. I'll get back to you on this one.

There is a difference between being a prude and being modest. What is it?

A prude wants to inflict rules on other people. Modesty is just keeping something to yourself except by appointment.

Can you play any musical instruments ?

I play a shoe horn, but I only get footnotes.

Capitalism limits success to the few who will subordinate their good intentions to profitable conditions.

What exactly do you think 'capitalism' means? The word is undefined except as Karl Marx used it as a strawman so he could compare his theory of socialism to it. The only sensible definition is "the way we do things in the west."

Some people thing 'capitalism' is a synonym for 'free market', but there is nothing free about capitalism, and free market is banned every time it is discovered.

What advertising slogans from years ago do you fondly remember?

Brylcreem - a little dab'll do ya
Use more - only if you dare
But watch out - the gals'll all come to ya
They love to run their fingers through your hair

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Dance is a hybrid of artistry and movement. Amirite?

Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.

Post a song that's outside your own era by at least one generation.

It depends entirely on the girl. Marilyn Monroe looked just fine in a potato sack.

I never learned to speak emjoi.


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I wear the panties in this family!

If that's what you had on your mind, I'm sure glad you got it off!