About me.

I am serious and funny. Depends on how I wake up in the morning.

Info: I guess you want to learn more if you clicked my profile name. My real name is Andrew Spoonamore. For real. That's my last name. Anywho, I question everything I see because that's my way of understanding things. I hate people who are too "politically correct" and grammar-nazis. Other than that, I guess I am open-minded.

Everything. Sure, people tend to say this a lot but then they say stuff like I hate rap/heavy metal/country. I like everything, with my favorites being.: Metallica, Band Perry, Johnny Cash, Eminem, Mumford and Sons, We Were Promised Jetpacks, E.S. Posthumus, Los, and Cat Stevens is hands down the best songwriter of the 1900's.

Dan Brown's except Lost Symbol. World War Z, God's Children, Harry Potter (dont worry I am not obsessive), Eragon series, For whom the bell tolls and other Hemingway books. Robert Frost is the best friggin poet. (if you want to get fancy pantsy) I also have read and thoroughly enjoyed The Interpretations of Dream by Sigmund Freud, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and The Declaration of the Rights of man and the Citizen (long title huh?)

District 9, Matrix 1 and 2, Boondock Saints, Hangover, Wall E, The Road (WATCH IT! NAOW!), 28 Days and Weeks Later, Hangover #1 (poor part 2), and

Video Games:
Halo 1(and thats it.), Mass Effect trilogy, Portal 1 and 2, more later on...


I play guitar fairly decently with the hardest song I know being "Over the Hills and Far Away" by Led Zepellin. I also want to make a carrer as a film director but with so many people wanting to get into that field, chances of success are slim. But, "Life is about how many times you jumped, not how many times you didn't." I will do it just not sure yet. I want to do Border Patrol, as well. I dance, (for a white guy) and raves are pretty awesome.( I only go to Mexicali raves since that girl OD'd or whatever and died so they forced LA raves to be over 18 years of age.) I dont do drugs but, if you do, its your life.

The founding fathers once said that political parties would destroy the country. I guess we should've listened, no? Independence is cruical for a nation to succeed, but people find safety in numbers.

I am not religious or atheist. I am a theist with a combination of science. I mean, the people who wrote the Bible also though the world was flat. Science is very similar to religion as well.
Its too comlicated and why bother learning the theory of evolution (though I fully support it) if its just a "theory"?

Oh, I also like to write.

and eat pizza... with cheese cake. (>'w')>