About me.

•If you try to eat my snacks, I will hypothetically kill you
•snacks are the second greatest thing in the world next to socks and sporks and right after basketball and music
•I started playing basketball in fifth grade on a local team and moved up to JAO in seventh grade
•not to force my douchebagery on you, but I'm really really good now. Good enough that I should have been moved up to varsity. My coach even told me that in front of the other players on the team
•that was slightly unnecesary, but it was long overdue, because I'm one of the most underrated players on the team
•I am a freshman in high school
•music is my second love
•I play guitar and piano
•I would like to think that I can sing, but no one has ever heard me but me.
•I don't like to share stuff like that