If you text someone with multiple personalities. You're always in a group chat, amirite?

eh, not really. I've got a DID friend, she's mostly just... herself. the alters chime in occasionally, but not really.

Most animals are bastards... amirite?

No because by definition a bastard is a person which animals arent.

Chicken Parmigiana is pizza with a fried chicken crust. amirite?

It's a pizza the way a KFC double down was a sandwich

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
It would take you about 15,000 years to have a one minute conversation with every living person on earth. amirite?
If dinosaurs came back, archeologists would go extinct. amirite?

...I feel like that's incorrect.

For a lot of men the objective in sex is to avoid orgasming. amirite?
@Cheytuflya Didn't some scientist remove his brain and keep it in his fridge for decades as a souvenir?

"Well, getting the brain out was the easy part. The hard part was getting the brain out."

Using the Braille writing system you could cheat on tests at school and never get caught. amirite?
@Effectlive97 at that point you might as well just write the answers on that piece of paper

No no because then you have to suspiciously look at the paper to see what's on it, if it's in braille you can just put your hand in your pocket and run your fingers over the paper

people believe that the illuminati is the most secret society even though it's clearly the most popular one, amirite?

Illuminati isn't even real

Johnny Depp would have several Oscars if it wasn't for Amber Heard, amirite?

And Obama would have three terms

If you pull the teeth out of zombies you could technically get free blowjobs for life. amirite?
Since most stars are millions of light years away, when we look into the night sky, we are seeing the past millions of years ago. amirite?

The stars we can see are much closer than that, like a few hundred/thousand light-years.

Since no-one in the restaurant is interested in what's on your plate, it's weird that you think anyone on social media might be, amirite?

OP's never watched a sizzling skillet of fajitas turn heads.

Dogs being scared of the vet makes sense. Vets euthanize pets. amirite?

Dogs don't know that

Glasses make you look smart, but you have to fail a test to get them. amirite?