Typical GMH post: "Today, my boyfriend left for the army. I was crying and went to the mall. A little kid ran up to me and told me I was beautiful. He had CANCER. That little boy GMH" :P amirite?

Today, I was crying and cutting myself in public because everyone was calling me a fat cow. I'm 5'4" and 250 lbs. Then, a little special needs girl walked up to me and said she liked my baggy shirt.

Her mom told me she had every mental disability in the world. But she saved me from suicide. She GMH.

Commenters: I DONT KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUT UR BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE YOU!! You're perfect the way you are, 250 lbs, 150, or 1050! You're drop dead gorgeous!

It must be hard to write love on her arms with all those ugly scabs getting in the way, amirite?

Yes, so you write love on her arms so there will be no more scabs.

Sometimes when you look in the mirror you think "Oh gosh I'm so ugly" and other times it's "HOLY CRAP I'M A FREAKIN' SEXY BEAST!", amirite?

Yes, then I wonder what other people think. But then I'm like FUCK THAT SHIT.

Sometimes you feel bad, But then you look at Six Billion Secrets and you're happy that you're not a whiny little bitch, amirite?

"I'm the happiest person ever. I'm so happy it's creepy. I compliment people every day and always put happy faces at the end of my sentences.

But inside, I'm dying and crying. Why can't anyone see?"

There needs to be fewer posts like that. If that many people feel that way, they should just read the comments for the 1223465773 other similar posts.

"Modern day society is so horrible." No, modern day society is awesome. We have cures for diseases that we didn't used to have, anybody engaging in a genocide is automatically deemed as evil, there is significantly more social mobility than any other previous time, and I can actually communicate with people in Australia right now, amirite?

It seems like most of the people complaining about society are overweight females, due to the fact that our culture favors thinness and certain types of beauty. Like on sixbillionsecrets.com.

"I'm 16353526363 pounds and today I looked at my mirror and smiled. I smiled at myself for an hour and was late to school because of it. FUCK YOU SOCIETY. Real women have curves."

Or... "Today, my 4000000000 pound sister threw up all her food because she wanted to be skinny and pretty. I cried at the heap of mashed up twinkies, cupcakes, and animal lard in the toilet. She's only 13, and I think she's beautiful. Society's the ugly one."

There is no reason to hate Rebecca Black, she is not the one who made you watch her video, she is just a little girl who wanted to experiment with her talents, sure you don't have to like her music, but don't send the poor girl death threats and say you want her to die. amirite?

It's because Friday was so terrible and she didn't realize it, and how wanted to show the world how terrible she was. A lot of people make bad music, but hardly anyone is stupid enough to let music like that be shown to the public.

I actually thought the song My Moment was decent though.

Sometimes happy songs make you cry more than sad songs, amirite?
In some ways it's kind of strange how much attention bullying is getting. I mean, yeah, some kids get bullied more than others, but everyone gets picked on at some point. amirite?
@I hate it when people whine about being bullied. If you are getting picked on enough to contemplate suicide, get...

When I was bullied as a kid, I didn't have friends, for the same reason I was picked on.

Life is like an hourglass. Eventually, everything hits the bottom; and all you have to do is wait it out until someone comes along and turns it around, amirite?

Yes, but for me, I always to have to turn it around myself.

It's funny how a popular person who talks bad about an "outcast" is labeled a bully and a jerk, but an "outcast" who talks bad about a popular person is considered an amazing human being, amirite?
It really sucks when someone is extremely attractive, but they kiss like a dog. amirite?

It sucks when someone's really attractive and you can't kiss them at all.

Whenever Disney wants to teach a lesson in the lines of "it's what's inside that matters", they always produce a movie about a beautiful woman loving an ugly man (example: Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame), not vice versa , although girls are much more insecure about their appearance than boys, amirite?

Disney should make a plus sized or unattractive princess (or any girl) with a good heart. Who gets the good looking guy.

Anthony is good in bed, amirite?

I don't know. Maybe?

AXE smells really nasty, amirite?

It has different scents. Some smell good, some don't. The problem is that some guys wear too much of it.

A little chubby,curvy women are sexy. Really fat chicks are gross. amirite?