The South Harmon Institute of Technology needs to exist. You want to be a shithead too, Amirite?

lol me too. It would be awesome to get Accepted xD

High school is full of kids who will do whatever Hot Topic tells them to, amirite?

Hot Topic used to be awesome. But now everything they put out EVERYONE buys, regardless of whether or not they know what it is. They just know its popular, and people like it, and the design is cool. I love Hot Topic, but i only buy things that i know.

The Westboro Group really makes me sick, how can people who claim to be christian be that rude and disrespectful? amirite?

youre tellin me. Thats horrible, to disrespect someones family and a dead soldier like that. Who does that kind of thing? Im glad there is a group out there that stops them

A Hufflepuff seriously sounds like it should be an animal, amirite?

i always thought breakfast cereal. lol
i took a permanent marker and wrote "Huffle" over the "coco" in coco puffs and reeses puffs on all our cereal boxes _^

Part of why you come on this site is to read or participate in debates, amirite?

I come here mainly for the debates and philosophical insights into life:)

It sucks when your awesome anti- being girly, tom boy best friend goes to college and comes back in frilly dresses and hooker shoes, saying words like "legit". amirite?

nope, its definately more annoying than funny, especially when youre asked to go shoe shopping for a new party dress..
and about 80% of the people who use the word "legit" have no idea what it means and use it out of context.

I like everything about Amirite!!!!!

J.K. Rowling never told us what Harry's career is. amirite?

he and ron revolutionized the auror business Hermione went into magical law, and ginny became a quidittch player..
that Harry shouldnt have a job, beacuse he didnt finish school, and should definately be living in a box behind diagon alley..but thats just me haha

When you first read the title of the movie "500 Days of Summer " you thought it was about the summer season... lol, amirite?

"i liked this girl, and what did she do? She took a giant shit on my face." "..literally?" "NO not literally, thats disgusting!" LOL

The dancing hamster video is cool, amirite?

haha very good!

Isn't it odd that MR.KRABs live in BIKINI BOTTOM, amirite?

ohmy god. i love you xD

You would really enjoy eating a grande size Naco from Bueno Nacho! amirite?

Hell yea!!! =D

The Invention of Lying is funny because it's true; if no one lied we'd still be saying things like 'I just took the biggest poop' at the dinner table, amirite?

I LOVE that movie haha its so great :)

Ive never heard of "jersey shore" until a few weeks ago and i cant bring myself to watch it. But from i hear, it makes Italians look stupid and makes people act like total dbags. Amirite?

LOL people are flagging.. they just enjoy the show.

The movie Repo Men, should have used their own idea instead of ripping off Repo! The Genetic Opera. Amirite?

right? i LOVE it so much.
who flagged this? T_T i see no reason for people to flag this.