Anthony has a pretty thin penis, but it's very long so that he can use it as a rope to escape dangerous situations, should the need ever arise, like right now. I need his purple penis; I'm stuck in a pit of marshmallows. Also I'm in love with Chromana, and Anthony is cute, amirite?
@Boltgunmetal -lols-

-doesn't get sexual joke but laughs anyway-

This is America and we speak American, amirite?

No, this is SPARTA!

... I'm sorry.

You were kind of ticked off that, in the Last Airbender movie, they pronounced Sokka and Aang's names wrong but pronounced Zuko's name right, amirite?

Everytime they said those names wrong I would whisper them correctly. It annoyed my sister by the 20th time they said a name. Soaka? No. It's Sokka. That got me so mad >:(

You wonder if there are guys who masturbate to the profile pictures of girls on amirite, just as they do on facebook, amirite?

I know for a fact everyone masturbates over my sexy sombrero hello smilie

It seems that most NFL team's are named after either an animal, something indian involved, or some random type of person. amirite?
@hearts1020 Red socks?-- i know you said most

1. NFL is football 2. It's the Red Sox*

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@Dudekayy why should I do as you say? You could never find out where I live, so you shut up.

What the fuck is wrong with you? What are you guys even arguing about? Just shut the fuck up.

Who teaches sex ed at Hogwarts? amirite?
Why does there have to be like, 300 different brands of Christianity. Are you Catholic? No, I'm Mormic Finkle Sama-Baptist Crystal Meth-odist. No. Just pick one. amirite?

Crystal Meth-odist xD

It would be funny to see a dumb American try to spell "morning" the British way. "Hey, good mourning to you!" amirite?

I've never seen someone do that. But if I do, I'm calling them out big time.

Doctor Who is the best show ever, Am I Right?

I rather enjoy Doctor Who.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer id libero a neque tincidunt iaculis, amirite?

No need to be bitchy about it. I am aware that I can turn it off, I choose not to. You are still an Amirite noob. Stop.

Who teaches sex ed at Hogwarts? amirite?
You hate that awkward moment when you realize your pet rat is Peter Pettigrew, amirite?

That awkward moment when you realize the rat you let sleep in your bed for years is a middle aged man.

I dance about architecture all the time! Wanna see my ballet about Notre Dame? Or perhaps my tap dance about Big Ben?

It took Harry Potter seven, extremely long, books to get the bad guy. It only takes Scooby Doo 25 minutes. amirite?

I don't really think that the Harry Potter books are extremely long.