The people who don't have any siblings miss out on a lot of experiences in life, amirite?
@LittleRed Even if they're nightmares, it teaches you how to compromise and live with difficult people.

Wholeheartedly agree. I've noticed that my friends and I who have siblings tend to be more easygoing about things; we're better about going with the flow and working around our finicky friends. I feel like we're also better about sharing...

Porn makes you feel like you're missing out, amirite?
@twisted_memories Some terrorists do find what they do to be extreme. And yes, I believe it is relative to a degree. Just because you...

How "good" (vague word, I realize) is the porn-made-for-women that you've seen? Are the men as equally attractive as the women (unlike in most mainstream porn)? I've only seen a little bit, and the only reason I even found out about it was because one of my tutorial leaders at uni mentioned that she filmed indie-feminist porn as a side job. Since we were all so curious, she relented and showed us some of the more soft-core stuff. I remember what was particularly interesting was that at the beginning and end of the movies, they had brief interviews with all of the actors so they could introduce themselves. I thought that although it might have taken away from the fantasy/story-telling factor, it was really great that the viewers were reminded that the actors were actual people.

Sex Ed taught in schools have always seemed a little unfair to me. In Boy's Sex Ed, they're taught that they have to be the most responsible ones, never touch a girl without the girl being 100% sure, and to never spread an STD. But in Girl's Sex Ed, they're subconsciously taught that they can do whatever the fuck they want and blame it on the guy if it goes wrong. amirite?

Actually, I'm pretty sure I was taught about the bajillion different things that I had to do, as a woman, to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies because the only person you can truly rely on when it comes to safe sex is yourself. Luckily my school didn't make girls so ashamed of their sexuality that they'd feel the need to shift all responsibility onto the guys.

Why does America need a show called "16 And Pregnant"... whats wrong with "18 And College-Bound", amirite?

Totally agree, but I feel like Americans need this show to feel better about themselves. When I watch 16 & Pregnant or Jersey Shore, it's just brainless entertainment; my friends and I high-five that we've avoided being teen moms and raging alcoholics. Getting into college/uni (especially since some are way better than others) is clearly a much harder task, so more people would probably watch and just feel shitty about either not being smart enough or rich enough.

New drinking game: every time you see a girl with an edited picture on facebook, take a shot. amirite?

I'll do that for "girls who have duck face." Let's compare notes aka See who gets alcohol poisoning first.

The fact that Rebecca Black has been bullied into stopping public school is proof that some people have taken their comments much too far, amirite?
@ASWCC Although some people take it to far she needs to understand that people don't like her

She "needs to understand that people don't like her"? Really? After all the press she's gotten where her song has been labeled one of the worst songs in recent history, you think she doesn't know that? You think she didn't see all the troll/hateful comments on her youtube video? I thought "Friday" was a bit ridiculous, but it was just a young girl harmlessly trying something out because she likes singing. What's wrong with going for your dreams? There's no need to bully her endlessly for it. That's just kind of cruel and indicative of how bitter her peers are that she's made more money now than they'll probably make in 15 years.

If people don't like her, they won't buy her music and that'll be her feedback. Even though I may be jealous that she's made bank off of a crappy song, the fact is we got entertainment from how bad it was and we had a good laugh over it. For all the public humiliation she's gotten for this song, she's definitely earned some of that money.

They should put Dr Horrible's Sing Allong Blog on the tv sometime, amirite?

LOVE HIM AND NATHAN FILLION. You have excellent taste, sir.

Porn makes you feel like you're missing out, amirite?
@heysoulsister Just because a person doesn't feel bad about what they do doesn't mean it isn't degrading. It's cheap, sexual...

I agree that the majority of the porn I've seen is very degrading towards women, and your stance on porn is not an uncommon one. However, I don't think that the actual filming of sex is automatically nasty or debasing. Don't know if you've heard of this, but there's been a recent trend of porn made for women and filmed by women - I guess you could call it "independent porn." This indie female-oriented porn tends to be more focused on creating a back story with emotional involvements, like what you'd see in a movie but with XXX rated scenes. It also emphasizes the women achieving pleasure or at least mutual orgasms with their male partners. I know this doesn't erase all the freaky shit that's out there, but hopefully it'll make you feel a little better that there's porn created with the intent to be both sexually stimulating AND respectful.

I really just feel obligated to say this, the girls at my school I see all the time crying and being hurt because of what this girl says that they are ugly or the guy that cheats on them. Girls, beauty is not measured in lipstick or mascara. It is how you make the world around you beautiful.If you always wonder how bright you shine, make the world see how. The right guy is out there somewhere n... amirite?

Thanks for restoring some of my faith in guys. This is a sentiment that needs to be expressed more often.

I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

how is this post at ELEVEN right now. never have I felt so old.

Even though homosexuality is fine, it is also most definitely a defect, seeing as it doesn't populate the world with humans or animals, amirite?

I'm straight, and I only plan to adopt for the very reason that I don't want to help populate a world that already has so many kids in need of a home. In my mind, people like the Duggard parents are the ones who are defective (in the head).

I wish there was an In n' out burger everywhere. amirite?

i miss it so much ;___;

never let anyone tell you Five Guys is a satisfying equivalent. IT IS SO NOT.

Girls: I think a fun prank to play on a guy you hooked up with would be to send him a text, "We need to talk" followed by "I missed a period." Then wait until he freaks out before you respond, "Relax, I meant in my first text. Just wanted to catch up!", amirite?

Surprise you-might-be-a-baby-daddy conversations are no laughing matter! What if he never forgives her? Then she's lost a potential booty call forever gasp. THINK ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR POSTS, YOUNG MAN.

They should have a "super episode" where one crime is solved by the cast of various crime dramas coming together. The cast of CSI can focus on the forensics of the crime scene. Those of Bones can focus specifically on the body. Those from Criminal Minds can develop a profile of the unsub. Patrick Jane of the Mentalist can fuck around with the suspects. And then they can throw in House to just shit on everybody and solve the mystery three tries in. Amirite?

this is an excellent idea! I love crossover episodes. Maybz to add a litte sci-fi, you could throw in some Warehouse 13. Love that cast :)

The movie The Change Up looks like the male version of Freaky Friday, amirite?

Except that I am going to enjoy the new movie coughRYANREYNOLDScough way more than Freaky Friday. ALSO, JASON BATEMAN is in it - my arrested development crush will never die.