When you were you younger you wondered why convertable cars had windshields, amirite?

Now that I'm older I get why they have it, but I still think it like ruins the look of em.

It's possible. It happened to me, but I was really sick and didnt know it until I threw up in the library a few hours later.

Eminem is only as popular as he is because he's white. If he was black, nobody would care, amirite?

It's really a matter of substance. AKA he's good because his songs dont consist of overusing the word nigga or the phrase big booty bitches.

It seems like every few years a new species of conforming non-conformists emerges. In the early 2000s it was goths/punks, then emos, then scene kids, and most recently hipsters, amirite?

nah brah. punk and hippies are really the only non conformists you named there. emos and scenes jsut think theyre non conformist.

It would be really awkward for a soldiers last name to be Roger, amirite?
If there is no oxygen in outer space, then how is the sun on fire, amirite?
@koopoo3000 Have you heard of this "photosynthesis" crap? Plants don't convert water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight into oxygen...

'Chlorophyll'? Poppycock! The leaves turn orange in the fall and fall off because it's part of His divine plan!

The cover pictures on textbooks are extremely random and usually have nothing to do with the subject. amirite?

My math text book has a guitar on it. ಠ_ಠ

Red Velvet cake is just chocolate cake that's dyed red. Big fucking deal, amirite?

they're similar, not the same.

If there is no oxygen in outer space, then how is the sun on fire, amirite?
@koopoo3000 Next thing you know they'll tell us that all objects have a tendency to resist motion and call it inertia!

I've heard they devised this thing called 'cell respiration'. I guess it's supposed to explain how we breath or something stupid like that. Obviously the air we breathe is is made by the one true Lord for our use! Atheists need to stop their denial!

People that copy you and try to make it seem like their own can go fuck a duck, amirite?

Tell me, how does one 'fuck a duck'? I'm all ears!

You would date a black guy, amirite?

Well as a white male, no. I still wouldn't date most black girls, just because I don't find most of them very attractive, not because I'm racist or anything. Not that looks are everything/there aren't attractive black females, because there are. I guess that's just the way I am.

If there is no oxygen in outer space, then how is the sun on fire, amirite?
@koopoo3000 Pfft, nuclear fusion is just a myth made by atheists.

Oh those atheists! I suppose next they'll be telling us that there's this thing that keeps us coming back to the earth. I bet they'll name it gravity! XD

I wonder if British schools have class prime minsters instead of class presidents, amirite?

They have Class Kings and Queens. XD

While shopping, you occasionally feel the compulsive need to touch everything, amirite?
@Norma Yeah, I usually get kicked out of stores. I guess store employees don't appreciate it when you touch them. :c

That's bad marketing. Most stores should want you to touch things, you get more attached to them. I forget where I read it but it's a psychological thing. It's why its so hard to throw things out. it could be completely useless now, but if you used to use it a lot and touch it a lot it's harder to get rid of.

You wonder if mailmen deliver their own mail, or if it's just an endless chain of mailmen delivering to other mailmen, amirite?

"Well I guess a P.O. box could, in theory, break the chain, but-"
"Don't you have a paper to finish?"