"I'll be younger in the future" is true for future you. amirite?

I had a stroke reading this.

Donating blood before getting drunk is a good way to help save lives, and then reward yourself with the cheapest buzz you've ever had. amirite?

You'll also get the worst hangover.

Dronald Drump is actually doing a decent job so far, amirite?
Cotton candy is a snack but it has its own flavor, amirite?

You would be surprised how many snacks have their own flavour

Can't be asked to do things if you get too fat. amirite?
In the end, Depression leaves you too. amirite?
When you light a candle, you're also starting a fire, amirite?
@skyrat01 Let's just not start or transfer any o' that to any more forests . K? Lives are lost in there....

"You, and only you, can prevent forest fires"

If thats true, those scouts are pretty screwed

People would make fun of you for being prepared like it's weird. amirite?

"Bruh, he has a jacket."

Calling a child an adult is a compliment but calling an adult a child in treated as an insult, amirite?
Being attractive is an unfair advantage in life, amirite?

Compared to those that are born rich?

Without fixing what isn't broken, there is no progress. amirite?
@Ggezpzmuppy Progress from improvement, not micromanagement.

Macromanagement. Like tearing down an entire (still-perfectly-operational) transnational telegraph system, and replacing it all with phone lines.

Airbenders could probably waterbend by manipulating the air around it and freeze/evaporate it, amirite?
@FokJa You're right the idea wasn't explored per se, but there is a scene in Korra where "void bending" is used. It only...

Technically speaking, every time zahir (ain't native English speaker, don't know how to spell names) made someone suffocate he used void bending. And what scene are you talking about ?

Sun-dried tomatoes are fruit jerky, amirite?
Puppets are technically alive. They have bone muscle and blood inside of them. amirite?

you making skin puppets?

If everyone agree on a world language we could all speak it within a generation, amirite?

Base 10 numbers and math is the closest you will ever get. Maybe binary once skynet takes over.