About me.

Stacysmom!!! That's me. And I have a puppy. More like a pig. Her name isn't Stacy though, but she's the only one I am like mother of...accident. I just love that song and I use it lots.
I looooove dogs. And most other animals. Secretly I want to work with wild animals when I grow up but I'm not sure exactly what job I want with that.
I love pink.....like a lot.
I love singing and art.
I am a latter-day saint, which most people know as mormon and prouddd(:
I am a Junior in college
I do theater and art right now. But I just want to work on the design and stuff, and prefer to avoid many of the dramatic theater kids I have come to know. I like to be really relaxed and stress-free. I really want to work with animals and I'll unfortunately have to leave the school I'm at now because they don't have any majors for me here.
Basketball and soccer are my favorite sports to watch...I don't actually play well. Not athletic, hence my inclination to singing and art and theater.
I say "your mom" too much.
I probably laugh too much too, but there's nothing I really want more than to be happy so I laugh anywayssss!
So yeah, that was me pretending many people will take time to read all that, but those are pretty much the basics I suppose.