It's worse to slut shame than it is to actually be a slut. At least whores aren't judgmental, amirite?
@Great. The anti slut shaming mentality has infected amirite.

Correlation without causation pretty muchis your argument. All smokers die, but not all people die because of smoking. "Sluts" just have casual sex often. They don't have some agenda to spread around STDs, or to become a drug addict, or to alienate everyone around them. Those would be called idiots. Normal people like sex and a lot of them have it outside relationships. There is nothing wrong with having non-committal sex. There is fault in spreading STDs or breaking relationships, but you attribute that to the irresponsible idiots, not the people who have casual sex.

i think of sponge bob as a cleaning tool, amirite?

What the fuck is that thing next him?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10... It took you a while to find the the mistake, amirite?

i hate people

Girls: You check out other girls butts. amirite?
@Thebloo2 Wouldn't that be lesbian

Only if you're into it. I do it just to make sure I still have the best ass in the room.