People show their true personalities online, such as being as outgoing as they truly are, because it's less intimidating to talk to someone if you can't see their face, amirite?

I tend to get more personal online than I do in real life. It's easier for me to write out my feelings than say them.

If you were an identical twin, you and your sibling would just screw with people on purpose, amirite?

"He's not Fred, I am!"

"Honestly, woman, you call yourself our mother."

"Oh, sorry, George."

"I'm only joking. I am Fred."

Dragons are seriously misunderstood creatures, amirite?
It's amazing what one can accomplish when one doesn't know what one can do, amirite?
Everything would have been simpler if : Voldemort shot Harry with a gun; Pokemon had trains connecting the cities; Darren hadn't stolen the spider; Frodo had taken a Griffin/giant bird; and if Tom learned what rat poison was. amirite?
Sometimes you need to just sit down and think long and hard about your maturity, yes... Long and hard indeed, amirite?
After watching Princess Diaries you always hoped to get the news you were actually royalty, amirite?

I loved that movie as a kid!

You wish you could unlike that someone liked something of yours on facebook, amirite?

I understand what OP meant, but it was just worded weirdly.

Rocky Road would taste much better without the almonds, amirite?


Why do they even bother making bathroom stalls if they're a head's length shorter than you, amirite?

I don't have that problem, lol. I'm 5'1" :P

Fireworks would look awesome from above, amirite?

Yeah, I saw them from a plane on 4th of July this year. It was really cool.

I can't get a key in the keyhole in the dark and I can't plug in a cell phone charger in the dark either. My girlfriend's gonna be pissed, amirite?

I see what you did there.

Hunts Tomato Ketchup is what Hungarian Horntails love best of all, amirite?
@lecornergirl Is it not... Heinz?

shrugs I heard "Hunts", so that's what I put >_<.

In order to be a man one must be swift as the coarsing river, have all the force of the great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon, amirite?

Seriously? No. I posted one like this before you.

You feel pretty stupid when you smack yourself on the forehead and give yourself a headache while playing Hitler, Jesus, Jew, amirite?
@Her posts are fucking annoying.

You're fucking annoying. Bitch.