If you built a ring ten feet off the ground on supporting beams, all the way around the world, and then took out the supporting beams.....would it float? amirite?

One problem, theres probably going to be a few mountains taller than 10 feet in the way.

Your eyes are hairy, amirite?

No, I haven't grown pupil hair yet.

You know it's getting close to Halloween when you see Christmas decorations in stores, amirite?

..And December 26th they roll out the valentines day decorations

dear family, thanks for putting my empty cereal box back in the cabinet. now I can have disappointment for breakfast. amirite?
Rednecks: Your GPA is equal to the number of teeth you have, amirite?
It gets kind of confusing when you like someone who isn't attractive physically. You're friends question you, then you start questioning you, then you talk to him and start liking him again, amirite?

Wait, I didn't know that Dean Thomas was gay!

How can homosexuality be genetic when homosexuals don't reproduce? amirite?
I'm Victoria's Secret, amirite?

I didn't see your username the first time I read it.

What if Jackass and Mythbusters teamed up? amirite?

They would need a 10 minute video telling you not to do anything you are about to see us do at home. EVER

RAM: The technologically-brained think Random Access Memory. The scientifically-brained think Rapid Eye Movement, amirite?

REM is rapid eye movement.

You hate the really obvious posts on this site. Some of them sound like Miss America contestants! "Pizza would be a lot better if it cured cancer and made people accept gays and lesbians. And ended world hunger. For the children." amirite?

I'm sure you could find that on the Dominoes menu, I mean, they do use REAL CHEESE.

MSNBC: Obama just saved the world. CNN: Obama saved a kitten stuck in a tree. FOX: Obama just stole an old lady's kitten, amirite?
Ur moms a whale!! "Jokes on you, I got two dads!" Gay rights give a small percentage of the population an easy out on 'your mother' jokes, amirite?
@accioglasses Except for kids with lesbian moms.

Then you would say "which one" and it would get really awkward.

Eggs taste delicious with maple syrup. amirite?


Monsters are not born; they're created, amirite?

Not according the Monster Reborn Yu-Gi-Oh card.