It's a damn good thing spider webs aren't sharp, amirite?
@Alixkast I was riding my 4 wheeler down to my bridge and was like.. holycrap glad they aren't sharp.. you can imagine the...

Imagine being in a band of afventurers and having to go into not!Shelob's lair to get this ultra rare, razor-sharp metallic spider silk for that edgelord bard you met 30 minutes ago, who is going to use it as string for his lute.

Now, imagine you're the edgelord bard and you're going with them.

Most celebrities wouldn't be considered attractive if they were normal people. amirite?

Well, that Opie kid from Andy Griffith grew up to be pretty good looking.

Switzerland is the most peaceful country in the world, yet it is renowned for it's army knives... amirite?

Toothpick and corkscrew. They were clearly made for fancy wine and cheese parties. That sounds peaceful to me.

Millennials are combating deforestation by having an inordinate amount of house plants, amirite?
@I dont have friends

u can rest easy knowing that nobody around u knows how to wank a willy

It's a good thing meat tastes better once it's cooked to kill bacteria. amirite?

Did you know our mouths evolved to chew food before we swallow it?

If humans didn't exist cats wouldn't know what tuna tases like. amirite?

Or what being put in a potato sack and thrown in a river feels like

Most people when in a natural body of water won't drink from it even though all the water we do drink ends up coming from natural bodies of water, amirite?

No. Water is pumped up from deep underground. Before the water is pumped up it filters down through the earth. Taking many many years.

Surface water is not for drinking without treatment. Unless you want to risk getting really sick.

Ever since gas pumps became pre pay, you don't get the satisfaction of landing directly on your dollar. amirite?

Did you jump over the border? Cause that's not how it works at the gas pump

Vaping is to cigarettes what margarine is to butter and Splenda is to sugar... amirite?

What about vaping cannabis? That's totally fine, right?

It's weird looking at a plant and thinking "we came from the same place", amirite?

You mean that plant from my therapists office also came from my mom's vagina?

You have filled your lungs with air that has been inside somebody's anus. amirite?

That's why I keep the window open so it's at least diluted

With more and more media being sold digitally now, book / album / video burning to protest artists will probably become a thing of the past... amirite?

Take all the zeroes and ones and break them