You have an overprotectant parent, amirite?

Nope. My parents are pretty awesome. They know I'm not going to do irresponsible things like slack off on my schoolwork, get drunk, have unprotected sex or experiment with drugs, so they basically just let me do what I want. It's a mutual trust/respect situation.
Overprotective parents are doing much more harm than good. Their kids are going to be more likely to rebel and they're going to struggle with being independent as adults.

You have a secret that no one knows, amirite?

Over Winter break, the girl I was crushing on asked me to write a song for her. I thought this was the ticket to winning her over. I wrote the song. The day I finished it, she told me she only wanted to be friends, and basically admitted to leading me on. I was, obviously, extremely hurt by this.
Still, the song got such good reviews, I met with some producers and directors at my college and we ended up making it into a professional music video.

I still have no idea if I should hate her or love her... She still has no clue she inspired all this.

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You just realized that you can't breathe in through your nose and talk at the same time, amirite?
@I can...

How? In order to speak properly you need to blow air out past your vocal cords.... How are you breathing in and out at the same time?

You have a secret that no one knows, amirite?

I have had a lot of good friends in my life, but I've never had a best friend and that's all I ever really wanted.

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It's always awkward when you're shopping and you see someone you know, amirite?

I think it's worse when you see someone you don't really know. You might have a class or something with them, but you're not sure whether to wave or make eye contact or anything.

Holding an iPad makes you feel a hell of a bunch cooler, amirite?

Your username... What horrible thing did vowels do to you?

It's not bad to have size A boobs, that just means your brain is bigger, amirite?
@strbcksrcks 32A and PROUD!

Anyone else think of Spongebob going"I'm ugly and I'm PROUD! I'm ugly and I'm PROUD!"

For people who can't handle scary movies: It really sucks because you know some of them are really good, but you're missing out on an entire genre simply because you can't watch them. amirite?

The only thing that I can't handle about scary movies is when something pops up out of nowhere, like "GOTCHA BITCH!" I can handle gore and I love suspense. But that shit just ruins scary movies for me.