Of what do you never grow bored?

Looking at pictures of myself because i'm just that f*cking Magnificent

That $hits too long too read all the f*ck I know is that dogs are happy or whatever

just let Negan take care of em'

Credit to Tiffanee. Is your at home coffee making get and go? Or is it a love affair?

One thing I can give tifannee credit for is changing her fcking profile pic every damn week like holy sht shes on a f*ckin roll with that

Lay off those Shrooms motherf*cker

story of a life

Sorry im not into some f@ggot a$$ Directioner bullsh!t

This touching video has been reported to make anyone who watches it into a better person. Have a look and share how you feel after experiencing this masterpiece

oh my god what a f*cking crybaby

Has the Mandela effect made you question your memories?

I also remember when Darth Vader said "OH GOODIE!!!" after defeating luke but now its not there anymore like what the f*ck man

You enjoy spending money.

yeah I f*ckin wish, its more like an annoying a$$ habit

Same as "Tomorrow for sure"

When God created Trump, he left out the quality of discernment.

"discernment" what the fck kind of big a$$ word is that? oh my god what a fcking nerd

This is one of the greatest things that ever happened to mankind!
@LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred That was a bummer.

Youre right it was...... Because it wasn't real life :(


Yea cant beat these xD They dont gotta worry about getting shot or stabbed either lol