Sometimes, But its also a Good way to avoid Conflict with someone who might take it Personal

Please post a pic or name of your favourite artist.

Does my 6 year old brother's crayon drawings count?

Same as "Tomorrow for sure"

"I guess" and "you know" after every sentence lol

You can't go wrong with a picture of horses. Please attach a pic of horse(s) if possible....
When going for a walk or jog, what/who is your favorite companion?

Better to not have something Distracting you from the Nice scenery. Though on a Treadmill I'd listen to my mp3

Adolf Hitler was kind of a Mean person

Wow, You don't say??
Image in content


Thats what you call a Piss-imist

EU Parliament Leader: We Want Britain Out As Soon As Possible

They told me I need to respect Elders lol

Well its better than waiting an hour for pizza you wont enjoy lol

When you were a kid, who did you think had the best job?

A Teacher, since they could Boss around the entire class lol

Calling parents by their first names is the worst thing any offspring could verbally do to their parents, amirite?

Sith lords

What would you do if Amirite closed?