Puns about ice leave you with the chills, amirite?

I was gonna comment but my computer froze! :(

If liberals think corporation control the government, why on earth would they want that government to be even bigger, amirite?

Because they want government to control corporation idiot

You are not necessarily what you eat. A cannibal eating a vegetarian is not a vegetarian, amirite?

Loopman you rock my sacks

You are not necessarily what you eat. A cannibal eating a vegetarian is not a vegetarian, amirite?
Girls: stop telling guys that they can tie you to a bed and do whatever they want. They might tie you to the bed and have a drunken party with their friends, amirite?

I have never said this to a guy, therefore it is impossible for me to stop. Therefore, I voted "No Way".

When I was in NYC, I was eating at a restaurant with my friend and Bill Murray passed by, took a French fry from our basket, dipped it in ketchup, ate it, and said "No one's ever going to believe you" before walking out. Incredible, amirite?


Stressed out people just need to masturbate more, amirite?

Can't argue here....

If age is just a number and marijuana's just a plant then jail's just a room, amirite?
Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception will be the best video game ever made. amirite?

Thats, metal gear solid 4

You have misspelled something so bad that even spellcheck had no suggestions. amirite?

Yeah, I've had similar xpxerencies.

A sore winner is just as bad as a sore loser. amirite?
One of the most awesome things during Mario Cart is when just after someone passes you in first, they get hit by a blue shell, amirite?

Wow you must suck if your not always in first...

New Yorkers: You don't dare eat pizza, cheesecake, or bagels when you're out of the tri-state area. amirite?

ahh, so true... but jersey pizza is the best, obviously

Skyrim is a fantastic game, amirite?

Yeah, its very well rounded and so much to do!!!

You always hear people complaining about gay rights, well just shut up, you're not going to get them! You don't deserve them! amirite?
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Theres something called a gun. Use it to kill yourself, k? or is that too hard for you to understand?