Tosh.0 is way better than Ridiculousness, amirite?

There's no point to her even being there. She just sits there and laughs stupidly.

Using abreviations like LOL and G2G while texting is understandable, but using them when talking in person is just lazy and annoying. amirite?

I say brb out loud.

If you think about it, a perfect life would be really boring. The imperfections actually make things more fun, amirite?
@Summerstar You guys shouldn't overthink it :)

I didn't say "If you overthink it", so where's the problem?

If it were not for Thomas Edison, we would all be watching television in the dark, amirite?

Ahem, Tesla.

You used to have, or still own a GameCube, amirite?
Americans: As a kid you always thought it was weird how the dime is smaller than the penny but it's worth more, amirite?
If you think about it, the word "Kindergarten" kind of looks German. amirite?

No way, I didn't know! -_-

Why don't they make those disc changers that hold 6 discs at a time for dvds? amirite?
The Avengers is a better book and movie franchise than The Hunger Games, amirite?

I can't choose.,.

Mockingjay was probably your least favorite book in the Hunger Games, amirite?

I would say it was at least realistic. Revolutions aren't as glorious as people may think.

Warped Tour has some pretty good bands, but then there are some that suck and you know will bring annoying ass, obsessive fan girls, amirite?
You can tell a lot about someone by where they get their news,amirite?
it's awsome when food items take on the name of the most popular branda of it ex. band-aid, jell-o, and popsicle, amirite?

Those are all brand names. Like the real word for jell-o is gelatin. Band-aid would be bandage.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10... It took you a while to find the the mistake, amirite?

Someone tell me please :(

Does this wallpaper just come with Windows 7?