It would be fun if there was a website dedicated to making posts of things people would never say. Such as "that cheerleading uniform makes you look very intelligent," and "your crocs are really turning me on."
It's ironic that weed was legalized in Colorado... the highest state above sea level in America
after turning in a really hard test, you look around the room until you make eye contact with someone else in the class and you both do that "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT" look. amirite?
@saxybandgeek Well in the world of complete opposite, We took the ASVAB today and one of the sample questions asked what a cat...

haha you're lucky. the physics test that inspired me to write this post was comprised of questions similar to "if you throw a rock off of a wall that is 150 meters high, with an initial velocity of 12m/s, a slight air resistance, and a gravitational acceleration that is different from the accepted one on earth, what color is the wall"

Some jokes are funny because they aren't funny, amirite?

Where did Susie go during the bombing?


the creator of "blue's clues" was probably just feeling really rebellious against society when he decided to make blue a girl and magenta a boy, amirite?

whoops yeah i guess magenta is a girl. i guess i should have looked that up first i just kinda based it on what someone told me once... ohhh well...

Never use superlatives in a post because there's always going to be that annoying commenter saying something along the lines of "Yeah, I'm pretty sure cancer is worse.", amirite?

sometimes it's fun to overreact to people just to mess with them, like

"There's nothing better than a sunset on the beach!"

"REALLY? you don't think world peace is better than a fucking SUNSET?!?! What kind of sick monster are you?"

You know that bananas contain potassium because of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, amirite?

i know it from drake and josh

Since when does being difficult make something a sport? We understand your activity is physically exhausting, but it takes more than that to classify it as a sport. Settle down, amirite?

by those standards giving birth would be a sport... those would be some awkward competitions