Dear Chex Mix,
could you please lower the ratio of pretzels to tasty things?
Everyone, amirite?

The pretzels are the grossest, even more than the wheat chex. The brown rye chip things are the best!

It's ridiculous that Obama reversed Bush's legislation on affirmative action. Now it's once again okay for colleges to take black students just because they're black, amirite?

Affirmative Action is not a quota, and it is only trying to combat discrimination the extreme lack of opportunity for certain minorities. Plus, lots of people get into college for reasons other than their smarts, such as being a legacy, child of a financial donor, or sports.I think this is an issue people need to research and think about the different aspects of before they make a decision about whether they agree with it or not.

Obama putting a tax on Christmas trees is a dick move, amirite?

It's 15 cents on a tree, and the money goes to help Christmas tree growers in support of more fresh Christmas trees. It's really not outrageous.

The worst part of using dishwashers is having to empty it. Amirite?

Loading it is the worst part! At least the dishes are clean when you empty it!

My dad is black. My mom is white. That makes me grey, am I right?

Woa, how did this one say "am I right?" instead of "amirite?"

Students in AP classes shouldn't have summer homework. Summer homework should be for the stupid kids, amirite?

I don't think the poster meant that people who aren't in APs are stupid, just that summer hw should only be for the people who need it.

It would be funny if a devout catholic went to heaven, only to realize that God is really a Black Lesbian woman, amirite?

This post in not funny. I think it is quite mean, considering you are stereotyping.

My dad is black. My mom is white. That makes me grey, am I right?
"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?

I like both, but I always get cake cones.

It is annoying and hysterical how some language text books will show an equal number of races in the picture supplements, even though it is totally not accurate; like, there are NOT an equal number of Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, and Arabics in France, amirite?
@badalsal Arabics.. Seriously? Its arabs...

My mistake, sorry! I'd change it if I could...

"Waffle cone or cake cone?" Is that even a question?amirite?
Its funny how in trailers for big movies its always like "The movie the world has been waiting for" umm I wasnt waiting for it... amirite?

Minus the Harry Potter movies :)

You love when your teachers tell you stories about their personal lives instead of teaching lessons, amirite?

I loved that, until last year where that is all my teacher did (and didn't teach us a thing except "life lessons") so it was insanely hard to get good grades.

I'm not a fan of Twilight but why did they cast Robert Pattinson as Edward? Edward was described as handsome while Robert looks like a constipated foot, amirite?

Oh yes! He wasn't even that good-looking as Cedric...

You're sad that Amanda Bynes decided to retire, because she wasn't just an annoying Hollywood It girl, regardless of what you think of her acting skills, amirite?

Yea, she said she's un-retiring. Which I'm happy about, because she's really a great actress.