Since we only live one reality and can't go back, everything we live can be defined as "Destiny" since there are no other outcomes. amirite?

Well. Theoretically...

People are more likely to look up than down when there's an earthquake, amirite?

Why would you look down though? It's more likely for something to fall from above so yes, you will look up

There are little things more satisfying than rehearsing an insult in your mind and actually executing it one day. amirite?
You will never find a sane, gorgeous woman homeless, amirite?

Lemme kick my wife out. Brb. Just to prove you wrong.

Every part of your life can theoretically be expressed with numbers. amirite?
Noone would care about weddings if it weren't for free food and alcohol, amirite?
You can remember a series of letters more easily than numbers "Electrocution" vs "989361356012", amirite?

That's because we recognize the word "electrocution" as a) a potentially valid English word, even if we don't know what it means b) an English word with a known meaning. You would have a great deal of difficulty memorizing a long string of letters with no clear meaning:


A man born at 23:59 can legally drink on his birthday for 23 hours and 58 minutes before ACTUALLY turning 18 (or 21), while a man born at 00:00 can't legally drink even ONE minute before his birthday. amirite?

Assuming they're in the time zone of their birth. :)

(Drinking age is 19 in parts of Canada, BTW.)

Sometimes Centuries and millennium too

Not this month.

@Pretzeldude16 There's still a counterweight or the empty stairs going up.

Yeah but the room itself is going down. If we're using that logic the net distance is zero and it's just a room

Dinosaurs are an advanced race that has technology far more advanced ours because they have been living here for millions of years, considering the technology we developed in about 2000 years in comparison to theirs, amirite?

I'm not sure what this means, but fairly sure it's wrong

"It goes without saying" is the dumbest expression in the English language, amirite?

No, "I could care less" is.

Since before the universe there was nothing, and everything came from that nothing, everything is nothing and nothing is everything. amirite?

This gives me a headache, thanks

Generation X calling their Generation Z kids the "savior generation" is a bigger ego trip than Boomers giving their Millennial kids participation trophies. amirite?

Where has that even been a thing