You miss the days when you could safely push someone into a pool, now you gotta worry about the iPod, the cellphone, maybe a PSP, you push someone in, it costs you 939$, amirite?
When everyone has iPhones and Androids, it sucks to have a phone like the Samsung A780, amirite?
Fancy Pants from School of Rock grew up to be Kurt Hummel, amirite?

"What makes you more mad than anything in the world?"

Canadians: you hate Russia right now, amirite?

After five unanswered goals, we didn't even deserve it anymore.

Spiders would be 10x scarier if they could fly, amirite?

Don't even joke about that.
I'll be having nightmares about flying spiders for the next five years.

Hopefully Mean Girls 2 will be as good as the original, amirite?

This is so totally not fetch.

You wish you're part of the audience when Oprah starts giving away humpback whales, amirite?

You get a humpback whale, you get a humpback whale! YOU ALL GET HUMPBACK WHAAAAALESS!

When zombies take over the world, everyone should go to Costco. It has thick concrete walls, years worth of supplies, and the zombies can't get in unless they have a membership card. amirite?

It would just be because of the changing generations, no?
Like, in 50 or 60 years all the grandparents will be named like Tyler and Jessica, and the teens and adults and babys will all have different sets of names.

You are somewhat jealous of the people who are photogenic and actually good looking in person, amirite?

I'm jealous of the ugly peple who are photogenic, too.

You hate it when you ask for sons and they send you daughters instead, amirite?

How the hell am I supposed to defeat the huns now?

None of us know the actual words to the Macarena, amirite?

Wouldn't you only know what it says if you speak Spanish?
I thought the original was all in Spanish...

It would be hilarious if at the end of a season of "The bachelor", when asked to decide which woman to keep, he reveals that he's actually gay. amirite?

"I choose...Chris Harrison."