It would suck to be an animal that died of thirst the day before a drought ended, amirite?

Ya, but they wouldn't know, so the timing of it wouldn't be why it sucks.

There's always a guy who said that he never study , and ace the test... amirite?

Someone good in ace can win points in tennis

Someone must've been the first human to realize we need to drink liquids and eat food to satisfy our feelings thirst and hunger. amirite?

How high are you?

Blowjobs must be a tense affair in Cannibalistic societies. amirite?

As in vegan societies.

The universe might seem to be expanding because light only reaches us so quickly. amirite?

I'm pretty sure that's not what people mean when they say the universe is expanding, they mean that the actual space in between things is getting larger, not that more things are coming into view. We can already see loads of galaxies, and we can tell which way they are moving, and it's away from each other

Men are lucky that an "innie" is something that only applies to their belly button. amirite?

Howard Stern had a segment years ago with guys with real life micro penis's. It was like looking at a female hyena.

Flynn rider only chopped off Rapunzel's head hair could she still heal people with the rest of her body hair, amirite?
Logically we're not suppose to exist, and we're existing, amirite?

How exactly is this "logic?"

There is no reason why the alphabet has to be in that order, amirite?

Sure there is.

One man completely ruined a mustache style for the entire planet. FOREVER. amirite?

Not ruined at all. Anyone can get their mustache style if they want to; people still do.

Hamburgers don't have ham in them, amirite?
@Sharag Yes it is.

The refrigeration bill must be insane

Women wake up and have to put their boobs in little pouches. amirite?
The brain is the most secured place to hide secrets, amirite?

It can be, depending on how loose the lips connected to it are.

In a relationship with Wolverine, getting fingered would have to be so stressful. amirite?

The anxiety might make you come harder.

Farting is humans way of marking their territory, amirite?

Close. Try peeing.