When you walk in a cemetery, chances are you're walking on people who touched themselves. amirite?
Every gay person is a virgin because they've never had vaginal sex. amirite?

... not all gay people have not had vaginal sex.

If reincarnation is real, and living a bad life leads to reincarnation as a non-human, there must be a way for non-human beings to live a good life and become human. amirite?

how can fkin beetle live a good life?

If we were all born deaf, the things we produce would either make less noise than it normally does or no noise at all. amirite?

Not my squeaky chair.

The first cheese wasn't "made", it was eaten out of necessity/desperation, amirite?

That's untrue. It may have been discovered by mistake but its not likely it was randomly made because desperation. Nutritional Anthropologist believe cheese was discovered because milk used to be carried in calve and goat stomachs.

If nothing happens after death, you don't "experience" death. From your perspective, you never really die, because you don't experience the actual end. amirite?
@miraclerandy What gave it away?

Well, he was dead for 3 minutes

If we colonise Mars, every country on Earth will become a 1st world country, amirite?
Schrodinger's cat is definitely dead because he put it in that box in 1935. amirite?
@Hatchadi All part of quantum physics.

Einstein's theory of relativity is part of quantum physics?

It is not inconceivable that a debate will spark regarding the rights of artificial intelligence within our lifetime. amirite?

quite likely

Given that other animals are able to count, humans probably weren't the first species in our evolution to be counting. There was probably some lizard or rat or something down the line that started counting one day. amirite?

But can you count how many are left?

Most people who put "Microsoft Word" as a skill in their curriculums just use it like a typewriter, amirite?

I had to learn to properly use it for college classes, various classes also require various styles of writing as well

Most people do not know what bitcoin is, despite that people's lives will revolve around it rather soon. amirite?
@Legendnoel77 Will lives revolve around it though?

Well apparently it might replace the dollar. Idk though.

You were probably a NPC in someone's dream. amirite?
When a woman hits a man, she doesn't hurt him physically; she hurts his ego. amirite?

Go tell that to any man who's been physically abused by a female partner.

If a person that doesn't identify as a male nor a female becomes a monarch, they probably wouldn't use the terms king nor queen, so they would invent another word. amirite?