Apartment neighbors will judge you if they hear you having sex but not for being pregnant. amirite?
@Boknows12 Depends on the volume of pregnancies..

Half a cubic meter WILL bring judgement upon you.

Adding a space in "awake" to "a wake" changes the meaning drastically. amirite?

What's the difference between early morning and a funeral?

The spacebar.

You can probably tell if someone had a good or bad childhood by whether or not they like surprises, amirite?

Depends in the surprise.

Gift card?! Sweet.

That isnt a fart running down your leg... not cool.

Chuck Norris is the only person who can out pizza the hut. amirite?

is that why Pizza the Hut had a thing for Lonestar?

If it takes 200 mosquitos to take the blood out of an average human finger, it takes about 1000 to un-erect the average penis, amirite?

how many mosquitos can fit on the head of a dick?

Due to inflation, the dollar store will probably either have to progressively sell lower quality products, eventually mark their prices up to something more than a dollar, or just go out of business. amirite?

Well years ago they were 99 cent stores so they only inflated prices by 1 penny.

If the two main lightsaber colors are red and blue, then Star Wars is an intergalactic battle of bloods and crips. amirite?

Time for some Star Wars lore: the blue color signifies a Jedi that is stronger in dueling (or lightsaber combat) than the force. A green color signifies the inverse. A red color signifies a hurt crystal, since they are living beings. The white color signifies a healed crystal, one that was red but is now healed. A purple color signifies a perfect balance between the light and dark side in a person. Possibly the rarest color.

Freddy Krueger must have pricked himself with his glove when trying to scratch an itch on more than one occasion. amirite?

Well, burns do itch

Women with small breasts wear bras that are too big. Women with big breasts wear bras that are too small... amirite?

And this guy loves them all.

There's nothing more depressing than promotional birthday spam. amirite?
@freq432 Just get like one a year for some years and you have a free flight ( except if its only one coupon per flight or...

Discount is per booking not per person. So if your SO has a birthday 10 days from yours, they have to book their own flight. You can't book together.

Humans need to decide which they like better - Dogs or fireworks. amirite?

Hot dogs. K9 Workforce. r_r

You're either a really good or a really bad person if multiple people want you to be killed. amirite?

Maybe the stakes are high

If Superman were real he'd probably have severe PTSD from all rescues he'd took part in. Thus making him vulnerable to depression, not just Kyrptonite. amirite?

Thats a big IF

Ponies in cartoons are drawn all cute and lovely but they're ugly in real life, hyenas are drawn wicked and ugly but are very cute in real life. amirite?

You've clearly never seen either of those animals in real life then.

There are more games of chess left unfinished, than completed. amirite?