Whenever Joker dies, he always has a smile on his face. amirite?

A builder will always die wearing a hard hat.

A doctor will always die with the stethoscope around his neck and a clipboard.

We need plant farts, to breathe. They're good for our lungs. amirite?

I'm probably wrong but it would be their exhale as i'm pretty sure our farts would kill plants if exposed to enough but exhaled keep them alive.

The white colored pencil is borderline useless, amirite?

Highlights. ....blending..

You could hear 1,000 jokes and not remember any of them when you wanted to retell one but remember every single one when you heard them told again. amirite?

Stories like TV shows, movies, books, etc are the same. Ask someone to tell you what happened in a movie and they'll often just summarize it and stutter on the details, but as soon as you go to watch one you've already seen every moment is remembered.

Airports charge people extra for bringing in heavier luggage while people who weigh the same or more than that luggage aren't. amirite?

Except when their size dictates the sale of two seats.

When you walk in a cemetery, chances are you're walking on people who touched themselves. amirite?
Everything is as hard as it looks. amirite?

I mean, the phrase "as hard as it looks" means the difficulty something appears at a glance, so if you continue to look harder until you're at the right level of difficulty, you're no longer looking into how difficult something appears, but how difficult something is.

There are sacks in your skin that create a protein which contains a chemical history of your choices and environment in the recent past. The sacks themselves contain a genetic history of your ancestors' choices and environment in the distant past. amirite?
The funniest movies are made by smart people writing dumb stuff, but the dumbest movies are made by dumb people trying to write smart stuff, amirite?

It's the difference between Idiocracy and The Big Bang Theory: smart writing about dumb people vs dumb writing about smart people.

If a zombies core function is to just kill and eat meat, they would just all end up constipated and unable to eat anymore, amirite?

There are professors amongst zombie s and they might use a pencil

Admit it, you don't know any Greek people who haven't been dead for more than 2000 years. amirite?

giannis antetokounmpo????

Barbershop Quartets are Sea Shanties for landlubbers, amirite?

Rotating a capstan takes coordination that a song provides, or halyard or other shanty styles.

Barbers don't cut as a team.

Are there tug o' war fight songs? Old water pumping songs for fire trucks or railroad hand carts?

If we were all born deaf, the things we produce would either make less noise than it normally does or no noise at all. amirite?

Not my squeaky chair.

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?

I think there is a hypothesis that we are just 3D holograms on the surface of a 4D black hole. I believe that the math checked out, but it is unclear if it has any foundation in reality, or if it's just a math quirk. Anyway I'm to lazy to look it up, so go check it out for yourself

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?
@Kionix Maybe we just don't know what we are missing like a shadow would have no idea it is missing depth

You're describing a shadow as having some sort of active manifestation.

Think of it like this. Shadows don't exist, they're just gaps in between light.