About me.

Synesthesia is a... Gift? Disease? Talent? Curse? call it whatever you want. It's where two of your senses are cross wired in your brain, thus creating a super sense. As in, you can HEAR a TASTE, TASTE a thing you SEE. Or FEEL a SOUND. Make sense? Hard to wrap your brain around it.

I have Synesthesia. I can see music. True story, bro. y smilie

My picture is of Remy from Ratatouille- that scene where he sees the pictures when he eats his food. Remember? Well that's a type of synethesia. Cool? Yeah.

Hey here's a video of me playing piano and singing. WOOOOOOOHOO
Here's another one I made today (8/26)
I would love for you to watch it. Don't be mean. :)

MY BIRTHDAY IS NOVEMBER 17TH. Send me presents. jk. nobutreally.