Really, what did Dinkleburg ever do to Timmy's dad? amirite?

he was timmy's mom's first boyfriend

Probably the reason that Zac Efron is so much more successful than other former Disney stars is because he hasn't tried to make a career out of singing. He just sticks to acting. amirite?

Don't hate on Headmaster Zefron, guys.

Every time you see a Muslim at an aiport, you think please dont be on my plane!, amirite?

That's racist and you know it. Just because some Muslims are terrorists, doesn't mean they all are. Some of my best friends are Muslim.

Don't you think it slightly ironic that BT (British Telecom) use British actors with nice clear English accents on their adverts? The last time I phoned BT, I ended up ordering a chicken tikka masala! amirite?

I'm not a Brit, and it made me snort soda out my nose.

If the first Harry Potter book was set after 2001, Professor Quirrell would never have gotten as far as he did, because everyone would automatically suspect the guy wearing a turban, amirite?
Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Harry Potter series have a great number of similarities: The 4 nations= The 4 houses. The Fire Nation= Slytherin. The Fire Lord= Lord Voldemort. Azula= Bellatrix. Zuko=Snape. Aang= Harry. Katara and Sokka= Hermione and Ron. Dumbledore= Iroh. amirite?
@Slytherin is the earth house. Not fire.

I think they mean like the antagonist.

You already have an idea about what you want to name your future kids, amirite?
@track_star Your boy names are basically girl names now, and Edith? That's cruel.

I know that Alexis is a girl's name, but Tristan? And I like old people names, but true, it wouldn't be that good after a while.

If you think about it, Tangled is basically the exact same opposite of Hunchback of Notre Dame: a beautiful princess/misshapen hunchback locked up in a tower by an evil witch/judge/priest who sheltered them and told them the world was awful. The princess/hunchback escapes and finds a wonderful world and a love on the outskirts of society: a gypsy/thief. And then the villain falls off the tower.... amirite?
You wonder if Poseidon's last name is Jackson. amirite?
@Shugah But he was named after Perseus, son of Zeus, for a reason I can't quite recall.

It was because Perseus was the only demigod with a happy ending to his story. Of course, he decapitates his grandfather with a discus, BUT STILL.

There are two kinds of teachers. Those that are genuinely interested in teaching and have a passion for it, and those that have failed in their chosen career and who instead now teach it eg: a failed accountant teaching accounting. Unfortunately there seem to be more of the latter. Amirite?

"Those who can't do, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym."

We should all thank hipsters for keeping real culture alive, amirite?

Keeping culture alive is so mainstream.

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, it must have really stunk to have been the first Avatar, amirite?
@fangirl12 Why do Aang's tattoos glow too anyway? Are they special spiritual tattoos, or do all tattoos do that with Avatars?...

It's because the Airbender tattoos are on the chi paths or something. And those are all spiritual-y, so it glows up. It's the path the Avatar State takes, I believe. Heck, the Avatar Wiki can probably explain it tonnes better than I can. So here you go.

Surprisingly, us girls at slumber parties we don't usually have sexy pillow fights or 'experiment'. There is always at least someone crying, some sort of stupid drama, or a huge fight. amirite?

Once I was at a slumber party where two people fought over who left the fridge open. It was strange.

Ariel from the little mermaid is the hottest disney princess, amirite?

-coughcough- Kidagakash -coughcough-
I know, I'm a shameless Kida supporter.

There is always that one person who HAS to play as Peach in Mario Kart. Amirite?

Me! But I'm only peach until I unlock Princess Rosalina...