You were pissed after reading The Hunger Games Mockingjay at the end when Katniss ended up with Haymitch, and Peeta and Gale went gay and ended up together, amirite?
J.K. Rowling should write a spin-off series of Harry Potter and base it on someone who goes to another wizarding school, like Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, amirite?

She could write a grocery list and I'd read it.

If you don't have to wear a bra, you shouldn't be modeling bras, amirite?

I agree, men shouldn't pose in womens' underwear.

Fanfiction: because it would have been better if everyone had had sex, amirite?

Danny Fenton with Danny Phantom...I just...I don't...

You hate it when you know what a word means, but you can't describe it, amirite?

Yeah! It's just know, well, it's like....

"I'm sorry ma'am, but your baby is dying and there's nothing we can do about it. UNLESS YOU GET 100,000 LIKES ON FACEBOOK WITH AN UNFORTUNATE LOOKING PICTURE OF SAID BABY, THEN WE'LL DO WHATEVER YOU NEED TO SAVE THIS BABY" - a doctor somewhere apparently, amirite?

I get why people click it, but come on guys. A like is not currency.

You wish Ted and Victoria would end up together, amirite?

I ship Ted and The Wife We Haven't Met Yet.

An overused joke in Disney Channel shows is: "I will never EVER do that for you!" "I'll offer you money." "How soon do you want it done?", amirite?

A: Don't date him! He's awful!
B: You don't know him like I do!
B: We're having such a nice date!
C: Yeah. By the way, I have an embarrassing collection of something feminine.
B: You were right.
A: I know.

The observable universe has no edge, amirite?


"hipster this...hipster that..." Okay. What the hell is a hipster? amirite?
Instead of genre, music should be sorted by what it's about. For example, instead of pop, country, rock, metal, alternative, etc., it should be: Love, boyfriends, girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, one night stands, crushes, family, friends, life, alcohol, etc., amirite?

plus, just because you like one song about a certain category doens't mean you'll another song in the same category, ie rap girlfriend song vs. country girlfriend song.

The Hunger Games movie did the book justice, amirite?

People just need to realize it's BASED on the book. It's an ADAPTATION. And as an adaptation, I thought it was awesome. As long as it's entertaining, they don't necessarily need to be exactly the same.

It seems like Nickelodeon is just teaching kids how to be more disrespectful these days, amirite?

and disney channel. watching those shows while babysitting makes me realize how much i miss that's so raven.

People who just felt an earthquake: There are now tons of statuses on Facebook about it, amirite?
Shows like Good Luck Charlie and Victorious need to stop making references to sex, amirite?

I think they put those kinds of things in kids shows so the babysitters or parents watching along can get a kick out of it as well as the kids.