Fanfiction: because it would have been better if everyone had had sex, amirite?

Danny Fenton with Danny Phantom...I just...I don't...

J.K. Rowling should write a spin-off series of Harry Potter and base it on someone who goes to another wizarding school, like Durmstrang or Beauxbatons, amirite?

She could write a grocery list and I'd read it.

The observable universe has no edge, amirite?



I don't support the use of drugs, but I think it's fine to be legal. It's just like someone said in the comments above somewhere (with getting rid of the seatbelt and helmet laws and let natural selection do it's thing): if people want to do those things, they can do that to themselves, as long as it doesn't make them responsible for anyone else's health. Both sides of the argument are understandable because they both have good points, but I think it's important to take care of yourself when it comes down to it. Does that make sense?

The midriff on a girl is the most attractive part, amirite?
@no the muffin is.

My muffin top is all that, whole grain and low fat.
I know you wanna piece of that, but I just wanna dance.

You know the 20th Century Fox theme by heart, amirite?

Oh yeah, who can forget those famous lines? DA DADA DA! DA-DA-DA-DA-DA DA, DADADA DA DA DA DA-DA-DA DA-DA-DAAAAAAA! Da da da daaaaaaa, (du dudu du), da da da daaaaaaaa, (du dudu du), dadada DAAAAAAA! (DA DU DA DAAAAAAAA!)

That bit of dialogue at the end of Blame Game by Kanye West gets so damn annoying if you listen to it enough times, amirite?

This is also true if you were to start the sentence at "Kanye West".

Jellyfish have no purpose, amirite?

They're for calling "Squishy", and claiming them as your own.

What do people who are sorted into Hufflepuff hear from the Sorting Hat? "Well, you're not nearly smart enough to be in Ravenclaw. Nope, not brave either, so that's a no to Gryffindor. And you don't have enough ambition or pure enough blood for Slytherin. Looks like it's gonna be Hufflepuff for you!" amirite?
It really sucks when you have an irrational fear, and everyone just thinks you're joking, amirite?
@Statefarm I'm afraid of lying flat on my back.

I understand this. When I was little I thought if I fell asleep on my back I would become a mummy and die. Still get weird dreams about it.

The State farm jingle doesn't work in real life, amirite?

I tried singing it when our car broke down. But then I realized we have Triple A. ...I still have hope.

Legend of Korra fans: you love that the writers carried on the legacy of the cabbage man from Avatar, amirite?
@TargetLady It makes up for how much of a douchebag Tarrlok is. And Tarrlok is a huuuuge douchebag.

Definitely. Perhaps Amon is related to the kid in the earth village that Zuko (sort of) bonded to when he was traveling without Iroh. But whatever happens, you know the writers can make it work. Which is wonderful.

You wish you could speak a second language, amirite?

okay then, it'd be cool to speak one more language, amirite?

People who just felt an earthquake: There are now tons of statuses on Facebook about it, amirite?
When are they coming out with the Kidz Bop version of S&M? amirite?